By Paully Onah 

The current political crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic party in Enugu State may spell doom for the party and its gubernatorial Candidate, Mr Peter Mba in the upcoming elections.

Odds are that Enugu State chapter of PDP ought to have envisaged such surprises following developments in the party since Chimaroke left office in 2015.

Chimaroke, no doubt, holds the political structure of PDP whether it is Ebeano or not and had severally passed political crucibles to sustain the party and at various stages met with embarrassing political displacement.

Needless to mention them but political watchers believe that politics is a game that has no pattern of play or formula, but guided by interest.

On Chimaroke’s anti-party issues, it is very obvious and he has no remorse. Even after expulsion he continued to behave as if nothing has happened; believing he is on cause.

The fact that can’t be disputed is that , Governor Chimaroke Nnamani remains the political leader of the people either in PDP or APC in Enugu East due to his visible achievements and they so much believe in him.

Secondly having come from the same political zone with the PDP Governorship candidate Mr Peter Mba, it would be an herculean task for Mba to win the zone under this circumstances.

It is a game played against the PDP to deny it the governorship seat in retaliation to old unhealed political wound, because he holds strongly that time is up to destabilize the party which he nurtured and chased out with political impunity and recklessness.

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But on the contrary some political analyst hold on the  strong view that the party is on the part of justice as provided in the constitution.

In a recent interview, a chieftain of the PDP in Enugu State and a legal practitioner Mr Ray Nnaji told journalists that If the party is very active they will go for his Senate position because, according to him,he is no longer entitled to be in the National Assembly.

“Personally, I will even go to court to ask that he leaves the Senate. By next week I start preparing my process. He can’t remain in the Senate because he is no longer representing anybody.

“He has no platform upon which he is in the National Assembly”.

“This was a man given Senate ticket of the party without a waiver; after he joined the “People for Democratic Change,” “PDC”. He has no waiver; if Gil Nnaji had raised the issue when he was challenging Chimaroke’s election, he would have won.

But in his own case, the waiver was to come from the National Executive Committee of the party. He has no waiver. The governor bulldozed his way and gave him that ticket.

“Now he went for the second term; what is his performance for Enugu East Zone within the four years he represented for the second term.

“That’s why people are not happy the way he is behaving. Because, if he has been performing, people would have felt bad by the expulsion.

“But, majority of our people who gave him mandate are very happy; almost 80 percent is jubilating that he is having this problem because he has not represented us well.

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“What has the people benefitted from him; Nothing. For four years.

“We are not talking about the first four years he took away from me. He took the Senate ticket from me. I bought the form, N1.1 million, I have the receipt, I have the teller, I have everything.

“He collected it from me; went there and was unable to meet the minimum number of attendance in the Senate.

“And that is the point; he has never liked the Senate. He is just trying to see if he can use it to get a better thing and that is why he is campaigning for Tinubu. As a sitting PDP Senator; it’s very shameful. If I were him I would have resigned from PDP and join APC.

“Yes, he has right to move. But as it stands now if he moves now the party will go for his position. He can’t do that.

“They are talking about his participating in the forthcoming election, it’s a different ball game. If he is removed from being a Senator now, leaves less to be desired”, he said.

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