Celebrating top 6 fashion trends in Nigeria

It is something of beauty to look around you and spot something unique when it comes to fashion and trends. Fashion is a representation of one’s creativity, mixed with personality and topped off by the attitude in which every piece represents.

For many, recreating trends and styling it differently births something new. Having a sense of style is something of a gift. For Nigerians, whether it is a wedding, child dedication, going to the market or going to school, looking your best is a necessity.

Fashion design according to Wikipedia is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories.

There are top 6 fashion trends in Nigeria this year and how you can style your way into fashionability and a vibe check of 10. These trends are acceptable, breaking the norms of style and adding comfort and brings out the beauty in you.

*Crocs: Having these pair can be very handy for all things casual; it gives you both comfort and easy feelings. Little wonder the doctors use it in their theaters and then it did not end there. Till we started seeing them in different colours, texture and fit.

According to Popsugar Fashion, “The Crocs brand has collaborated with designers such as Christopher Kane and Balenciaga, as well and other celebrities, taking this gardening shoe from garden runs to style must haves”.

Their prices range from #5,000 to #50,000 depending on budget and where you are going with it. The unique brand comes with a fashion statement of comfortability and style. This is one fashion item that has revolutionized and turned the heart of every home in Nigeria and beyond.

It is an easy casual must have, matched with jeans for an evening date, morning walks, quick visits to the mall or wherever and even a No 1 must have for travelling.

Crocs are breaking the records on trends just because of that comfort vibes it gives, while Boubou Gowns are also known as Rich Aunt Gowns. One thing that 2024 fashion trend give off is styling in comfort and sophistication.

Boubou pants are loose and flowy trousers that have a baggy style, often worn by both men and women. They indeed comfortable and give you a relaxed, easygoing vibe usually during cool weather. These gowns come in different fabrics, texture, colours and designs.

During our research, we asked why do you like boubou’s? One response that we held close is when she said “it makes me look rich”. And so goes its name, rich anty gowns.

According to Khadeeja of style inspiration “This isn’t just another Ankara kaftan dress, its sophistication personified; you are not just dressed, but, transforms into an icon of elegance”.

Styling boubou gowns are simple; slipper heels with a clutch purse can turn you to magic. This outfit can walk majestically into the Kings court in Buckingham palace or Edinburgh.

Cargo Pants: This is another heart breaker style that can make the GenZ sags when they do not have one in their closet. These pants are comfortable, styled with an easy top and crocs can make your vibe check a 10.

Cargo pants are unique trousers with side pockets like the type military personnel wear. They are handy and can carry lots of stuff in those pockets, such as mobile phones, keys, or snacks. They are comfy to wear and can give you a cool, laid-back look.

These pants may look casual but I bet you there are also sophisticated designs for official looks and business style.

Both males and females, whoever wears a cargo pant appears to be the center of attraction. According to Forbes “Cargo pants are the look of choice for 2023, while the trend has definite early 00’s roots, it comes as a welcome news to others.

These pants are here to stay.
Kimono Dress: This dress continues to undergo the 360 of fashion trends. It has been on style for generations. As time changes, it keeps modifying into a beautiful piece, just like wine, getting better with every trend.

According to Eiyo Kimono blog “Throughout Japan’s rich and interesting history, the kimono has been a constant source of attention, this dress has a unique resemblance to a robe, which has also transformed into casual styles”. Kimono never goes out of style, it has been rebranded, restyled and metamorphosed but every single time, its births a beautiful design.

Boubou Pants: Make no mistakes these pants are not your regular pants, they look oversized but the beauty is in the oversized look it gives, and every style critic knows that these pants give a 10 for vibe check.

This piece is both masculine and feminine; these are the reasons why I said that most 2024 trends come with a touch of comfort.

The oversized look gives you both comfort and sophistication. One thing about a good trend is, you can find them in different fabric, style, colour, texture and design. These oversized pants can have you switch from serious and official to playful and casual in a blink of an eye.

Watches: Coming from 17th century as spring powered clockwork, watches have metamorphosed into great value in 2024.

From checking time to counting heartrate, from the rich and elite to a must have for any average person. This is one great rebranding any fashion statement can ever evolve into.

According to Forbes “ As the much-touted annual Watches and Wonders Geneva(WWG) 2024 events draws near, horology aficionados worldwide are gearing up for an unforgettable experience”

This is usually an exhibition of creativity when it comes to watches, I wonder if they will produce a watch that tells moods. Watches a so trendy that you will almost see someone who has it on, even when the hands do not tick.

In the ever-evolving world of Nigerian fashion, these top trends for 2024 redefine style with a blend of comfort, sophistication, and statement-making flair.

From the casual charm of Crocs to the regal elegance of Boubou Gowns, each trend offers a unique opportunity to express individuality and creativity.

Whether you’re rocking Cargo Pants for a laid-back vibe or donning a Kimono Dress for timeless elegance, these fashion choices reflect the rich tapestry of Nigeria’s sartorial landscape.

Let’s not forget the timeless appeal of Watches, evolving from timekeeping to health monitoring with a touch of luxury. As we embrace these trends, it is hoped that Nigeria fashion journey be filled with confidence, authenticity, and a dash of Nigerian flair.

Here’s to celebrating the artistry of Nigerian fashion and the endless possibilities it holds.

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