Bus driver drags traders to brothel over alleged genital organ theft

Three itinerant traders got a close shave with death while they been paraded to a popular brothel by angry mob over alleged genital organ theft accusation laid against them at Upper Sokpomba area in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

Witness report said the allegation was laid against the yet-to-be identified male suspects at the weekend after one of them had a heated argument with the driver over the fares to their destination on Saturday afternoon.

Another bus driver, who gave his name Mr Osayuki said he bumped into the drama, while returning from a trip on Murtala Mohammed Way (MM) way to King square in Oredo Local government Area.

He alleged that the bus driver raised the alarm that his manhood, shrunk after he had a body contact with him immediately they alighting from his friend’s vehicle which the traders boarded from Oka market in Upper Sokpomba area to undisclosed destination.

This caught the attention of his colleagues and other residents, according to Mr Osayuki, to pushed the three migrant traders from northern part of the Country into a vehicle and immediately drove to a nearby brothel where a sex worker engaged the victim in a marathon.

Mr Osayuki, who claimed to have witnessed the drama, said, “I have had some people say your manhood can sometime disappear. I thought it was a myth, until my friend lost his manhood today (Friday October 13, 2023).

“He (driver) had a quarrel with one of the driver over change. After the traders arrived their destination, they (three passengers came down from the Bus. Suddenly, one of them touched the driver on his shoulder.

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“The driver said as he was going, he could feel that his genital organ was no longer intact. So, he parked his Bus and raised alarm that his penis disappeared after one Abokis— a popular slang used to described young people in Hausa language, touched the driver his shoulders before they were about stepping out of his vehicle.

Continuing, Mr Osayuki said, “Some boys in the area and others drivers ran after the traders. We initially thought it was a joke. I never knew that some jazz (charm) exist”, Mr Osayuki lamented.

He also said the suspects were thereafter left off the hook by their accusers after a confession by sex worker they met in a brothel, told them that the victim is sexually active, while other women of easy virtues taking shelters at the red light area, burst into laughter.

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