By Paully Onah

Security operatives are searching for criminal suspects who invaded Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at different locations in Enugu State, sending jitters down the spines residents.

TheNewspad quoted witnesses as saying that the mob mostly youths took to the street after waiting from 4am this morning to about 3pm only to be told that there was no money in the Bank

Some of the banks customers including Civil servants, students and traders were seen stranded,  helpless, hopeless and frustrated.

According to our source some bank staff escaped from the back doors as the protest  gather momentum and moves in drove in different directions.

A pensioner, and some person’s with disabilities who came to the bank early in the morning, were trapped in the protest.

Elder James Mamah told our Correspondent that one of the affected commercial bank at ‘Zik’s Avenue’, Enugu that he had spent four days in Enugu waiting to get the money he deposited in the bank to pay for hospital bill to no avail.

“This is a planned deal by the federal government and the banks to starve Nigerians of money in the upcoming election”.

“I am fully in support of these youths shouting  and chanting “End Nigeria” because that is the only option left now  for the authorities to address this frustrating development”, he said.

Meanwhile in Anambra State, business and other activities has collapsed completely. Most civil servants no longer go to work because majority spend most of the working hours waiting for non existing money at different banks and Points of sale (PoS).

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In Awka, the Anambra State Capital #5000 and #10,000 sales for #1,500 and #3000 respectively, while a bundle of #20,000 and #100,000 now sales for #6000 and #30, 000 respectively.

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