The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has appealed to Stakeholders in Nigeria particularly President Muhammadu Buhari to douse tension in the nation.

Abubakar warned that people are hungry and at the same time angry, amid confusion over the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Naira redesign economic policy, ahead of the forthcoming general elections.

He said this at a national conference on Livestock Reforms and Mitigation of Associated Conflicts towards finding lasting solution to the farmers-herders’ clashes in some parts of Nigeria.

“The people are hungry – is there money? Akawi kudi? No cash! People are angry and hungry, let’s see how we can douse the tension” he said.

According to him, “Let’s keep politics aside. The issues of development especially for the common man should not be prioritised. These people that God Almighty gave us leadership over, one day, God forbid, rise up against us.

“After all these English by professors, how do we get these developments down to the common man who is a farmer, the common Fulani man who doesn’t know anything about development in his life, he only cares about cattle.

“I have been to Benue at least two times as Sultan to sit with the governors and traditional rulers to discuss peace in the Benue valley. At the end of it, the suggestions are thrown away. If nothing is done and we are back to square one. Let this conference not be in the same manner, let’s do it and let’s do well and now”, the Sultan said.

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Dr. Abdulahi Ganduje, governor of Kano State declared the conference which was organised by the Kano state government, while Dr. Mansur Muhtar, the Vice President of Islamic Development Bank, delivered the lecture on the occasion.

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