The Santa Trindade Evangelical church in the Mozambique’s central province of Manica area has been thrown into mourning over the death of pastor Francisco Barajah during his 40-day fasting marathon to break the record of Jesus on the biblical Mount of Olives.

According to multiple sources including BBC, the Mozambican man of God could observe only 25 days out of the forty he had purposed before he met his death. 

Doctors made efforts to save Barajah’s life at a hospital in Beira, according to the report, but the damage to his health was probably beyond redemption, before he gave up the ghost on Wednesday.

The Cleric was said to have lost a lot of weight to the point where he could not stand up, bathe or walk, and efforts to help him regain his health was futile.

His relatives and church members took him to the hospital for treatment as his condition kept deteriorating, according to reports.

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