‘How Tinubu ruined Nigeria’s foreign policy’

‘How Tinubu ruined Nigeria’s foreign policy’

Ex-Governor Gabriel Senator Suswan of Benue State has blamed President Bola Tinubu for worsening Nigeria’s foreign policy, badly impacting the nation’s image at global stage.

Suswan, top contender for national chairmanship position of Peoples Democratic party, PDP, made the assertion on Arise Television interview, Monday March 18, 2024.

He spoke in relation to the diplomatic row between ECOWAS and Niger Republic after the military junta that oust democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum in July 2023.

Querying the foreign policy of Tinubu, Senator Suswan said, “What is the foreign policy of this government? Nobody knows.

“Look at the mess that happened between Nigeria and Niger Republic. A government that is focused would have been more careful in handling what happened in Niger Republic”.

“For those who travel, up till now, when you leave Nigeria, up to now, you spend an hour or two to detour – fly over Ghana, before you head to Europe.

“Nigeria has been the Country that supplies power to Niger Republic. The arrangement was such that Niger Republic should not dam because Nigeria will provide power and subsidize electricity for them.

“As part of ECOWAS sanctions, we stopped supplying supplying Niger Republic electricity and they have started building their Dam for electricity. What that means to us is that when that project is completed, our Shiroro Dam that supplies Nigeria electricity will not have water to generate electricity for us. What are the implications?

“So, when a Country that has no focus foreign policy takes a decision that could have a negative impact on our Country, that is not a responsible government”, the ex- governor of Benue said.

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