Nigeria slides 7 times in unhappiest nations’ list

With 102 rank, Nigeria slides seven times below its previous 95th position on the 2024 world’s unhappiest nations’, behind Azerbaijan, while Pakistan grabbed 103 position, according to the United Nation sponsored report.

Third unhappiest was the landlocked African nation of Lesotho at 3.18, according to the 2024 yearly report.

Nigeria scored 4.881 points while Azerbaijan and Pakistan were secured 4.893 and 4.879 points in the data, which was published by the UK Dailymail (online) Media.

Finland topped the global league table for Seventh year in a row, while Britain fell one place and the US drops out of the top 20 for the first time on the 143 Countries that were captured in the 12th year survey.

The Scandinavian nation, home to 5.5million people, has now held the accolade for seven consecutive years, while both the UK and the US have fallen in the 2024 global league table of more than 140 Countries.

Britain dropped one spot to 20th, placing it below the likes of Lithuania and Czechia, while the US plunged eight places to 23rd.

Dailymail (online) said experts also claimed the data showed a worrying trend of younger adults in Europe and North America experiencing the equivalent of a ‘mid-life crisis’.

The US’s score was marginally lower, seeing it drop out of the top 20 since the report started in 2012.

The US ranked 62nd in terms of happiness among younger people. Among the old — defined as in over-60s — it came 10th.

It scored 42nd in younger middle-aged people and 17th for older middle-aged.

Iceland took third. Sweden, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Australia rounded out the top ten.

This year’s report marks the first since the conflict between Israel and Hamas started in 2023.

Israel (5th) scored 7.34, far above Palestine (103rd) which scored about 4.88, while war-ravaged Ukraine ranked 105 from 92nd rank it previously held.

Analysts said this was mainly driven by a decline in wellbeing among under-30s, with this year’s report the first to have broken down results by age group.

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