Voltage of Hype UK tour with D. J Dabila leaves fans cheerful

A 3-Day maiden tour by Voltage of Hype otherwise called Martins Gideon Aturuemu, to some Cities in the United Kingdom, was a time spent after several shows before hitting through global spotlight.


The expression of gratitude to God is endless for the talented entertainer, who dominated display with his mesmerising show that began with 042 Lounge on August 25th 2023. Fans were thrilled and identify with Voltage of Hype, with a profusion of music by D.J Dabila otherwise known as Erukakpomren Oghenebrorhien, made fun seekers to express solidarity and asking for more.

The following day at Birmingham, curiosity was high among adventurous fans who have been longing for a unique hyping artistry by a determined young Nigerian.

In their quest to square the circle, the duo, left Birmingham for London for a Birthday/gala night, made the tour special.

The tour, was a sight to behold for fun seekers and renowned young entertainers for their hilarious contents and music record label, which left fans were left cheerful.
The unforgettable moment has kept people talking about.

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