Police give update on Delta housewife suicide

The Nigeria Police Command in Delta State has given update about unnamed housewife, caught in the grip of a depression epidemic, and jumped to her death at the weekend at Ekpan flyover on Saturday June 29th 2024 in Uvwie Local Government Area, Delta State.

Speaking with TheNewspad during an interview on Tuesday June 2, 2024, SP. Edafe
urged Nigerians lurked in the shadow of mental health crisis to seek Medical help early to avoid stories that touch.

TheNewspad had reported that wailers who captured the footage of the incident with their smartphones on social Media as commuters look on and proceeded to their various destinations.

Bystanders said the victim who mediated a while before plunged from the flyover through her back, has being struggling with suicide thoughts.

The light skin woman whose skulled burst immediately after the jump, had been battling with depression as recorded by netizens in Facebook posts.

Command’s spokesman, SP Edafe Bright, decried the nonchalant attitude of content creators who turned the scene of crime to a movie theatre rather than save the life of the victim.

He hinted that the husband of the deceased whose identity is yet-to-be disclosed due to the stigma, has taken the victim’s corpse.

The police spokesman who expressed sadness over the incident, said police have intensified patrol around the flyover to avert future tragedy.

According to him, “we were made to understand that her husband came and carried her corpse away. People should learn to seek help if they are going through anything before it leads to depression”.

“Once it gets to depression, even the individual may not be able to control it. So, people should seek help on time”, SP Edafe said.

Responding to social Media drama around yr tragedy, the police image maker said, “the Society has gotten so bad that nobody cares about human life anymore. All they care about now is content, content, and content.

“It’s so sad. We are all Nigerians. We really need to change and help people when we have the means to help”, he advised.

A social Media user, Christopher Ohajuru said, “People gathered and started recording the scene instead of stopping her from commiting suicide”.

He said, “Social Media seem to have taken our senses. Instead of showing empathy. They decided to make video. Now the woman is dead.

“We could have saved that lady. But nobody made effort to save her life. They were saying don’t jump.

‘Don’t jump. Depression is real. This is what you see in Nigeria. There is hunger and depression in this Country”, he lamented.


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