How to end Coup d’etat in Africa, by Udenta

A senior Fellow, Abuja School of Political Thought, Prof Udenta Udenta has identified good governance, job creation, food security and other social drill as measures that can minimize rising Coup d’etat in Africa.

Speaking at AIT Prime time news belt on Monday July 1st, 2024, Prof. Udenta, sued for the kindling of democratic philosophical thought that aligns with African norms, Cultural values and tradition.

The public affairs analyst said, “One way of stemming the tide of Coup d’etat in Africa, which could be a consequence of internal rupture or contradiction, depending on the geopolitics of the environment, is good governance guard drill”.

Prof. Udenta also said, “Deliver on promises of democracy, peoples poverty will diminish when youths are not employed. When food security is guaranteed, there will be a very minimal risk for a Coup d’etat to occur.

“But, when you practice democracy outside the Constitution and perform rule of law and periodic elections of one man, one vote.

“And at the same time, people are hunted by poverty and hungry. They are discontented. It gives the opportunity to people who want to destroy democracy to succeed”, the public affairs Analyst said.

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