Ighodalo seeks hands on investment in women

Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party for the Edo September 21, 2024 governorship election, has canvassed increase investment in education and entrepreneurship for Nigerian women.

This was the fulcrum of Ighodalo speech on to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) Saturday in Benin City where he applauded the unbreakable spirit of the Edo Woman in the face of crushing economic hardship.

He said: “I marvel at the bravery, determination and can-do attitude of the Edo women as they work to build businesses, secure an education and support their homes despite rising inflation and economic uncertainty.”

Ighodalo remarked that “This year’s IWD theme – invest in women to accelerate progress – is an incontestable statement of fact.

“I have enjoyed personal and professional success from investments I have made in women; and back home in Ewohimi the scholarships we have provided to girls and the financial grants we have given to female entrepreneurs have been transformational; for them and for our community.

“My belief in the transformational power of women on a societal level is why we visited markets, small female-owned business and the students at the School of Nursing in Benin; to listen to our women and encourage them.

“We cannot make any meaningful progress as a society if we do not empower our women with knowledge and with resources.

“So I call on leaders in the public and private sector to bring more women to the table; and to back their words with real action in the form of increased financial support and access to opportunities for female students and business owners.”

Ighodalo’s week-long Women in Entrepreneurship Tour included stops at Oba market; a visit with the Chairman of Egor LG Council, Eghe Ogbemudia, to a dump evacuation site; Orhue Beauty (Makeup Saloon), EJ culinary school and the popular Mama Ebo Pepper Rice fast-food outlet.

He also stopped at the Edo State Library Complex to support Osariemen Asein’s record-breaking Guinness World Record reading attempt; and concluded his tour with a visit to the School of Nursing in Benin.

Some of the women who participated in the celebration of IWD, commended the governorship candidate for creating time to celebrate the Nigerian woman.

The theme of the United Nations (UN) 2024 International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.’

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