Govt: Unregistered land can’t be sold in Edo soon

The Edo State government says the proposed Edo Master Plan would encourage prospective developers against acquiring any land or property that is not registered with Edo Geographic Information Service, EdoGIS.

This will take effect when the law which seeks to facilitate ease of doing business and promote business growth with land administration reforms has been made by the State House of Assembly before the end of his tenure.

Governor Godwin Obaseki said this while responding to questions from residents of Ovia at Iguobazuwa in Ovia South West Council Area of the State where he enumerated steps his administration has taken to preserve the rainforest area.

“Part of the law is that nobody (developer) will be encouraged to buy any land that is not registered with EdoGIS.

“So that the government knows that it is your own land and know what you planned to use that land for. This is such that a land that is meant for farmland will not be acquired and taken over by real Estate business instead of farm. Meanwhile, there are not plans to get water or build roads or control the erosion in the area”, Obaseki said.

The Governor stated that except urgent steps are taken to stop indiscriminate sand mining in Communities in Ovia may seize to exist in future due to imminent environmental disasters in the area.

“That is what is causing all these problems today. And one thing that we must take seriously is this mining. Burrow pits everywhere.

“What I am seeing here, if we are not careful, in few years time, the whole communities would disappear like it has happened in many parts of the world if we do not control the way people are digging sand here. So, I am pleading with you so that we can control land use in Ovia”, Obaseki pleaded.

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