From Weird dating streets to fairytale weddings

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It is a season of love and big weddings, which depend on what you want and the way you want it to go. Eventually, our choices redefine us.
Finding love comes differently to everyone.

Dating streets are so saturated with many Gen Z terms that you will have to google the meaning of new words and catch phrases just so you are on the same page with the person.

According to Hinge, a popular dating app, which is used for online dating and making connections.

Launched in February 2013, the online dating application uses an algorithm. The app displays potential matches, which allow users to dismiss or attempt to match by responding to a specific piece of content on their profile.

The service emphasizes uploading user-generated content in a variety of formats, such as photos, videos, and “prompts” as a way to express personality and appearance.

The app is fully owned by Match Group as of February 2019. Hinge’s team of Ph.D. researchers and dating experts conducted surveys in August 2023 to more than 15,000 Hinge users across the world.

The report features data from Hinge Labs, a team of Ph.D. researchers and dating experts, along with expert advice from Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science, Logan Ury, Love and Connection Expert, Moe Ari Brown, LMFT. The report also includes testimonials from Gen Z daters.

According to hinge, there is something called DBL (digital body language. It helps to determine if they want to commit to go out on a date with someone.

This will lead us users to either embrace a “cringe mode”, which means to bare out their feelings from the get go without fear of rejection.

The next is initiating the WAW question (what are we?), which helps to define the relationship and often comes with commitments.

Words like “ghosting” which means to go poof and literally disappear out of someone’s life without a word or explanation, “bread-crumbing is the act of sending out green signals in a lukewarm attitude to hook you in without any commitment and never follows through.

It’s like leading someone on just for nothing. “Benching” is when you are used as a second fiddle with no intention of any serious plan just as in the case of basketball benching.

Being there as a second thought in case plan A fails, which rarely happens because you may not necessarily be the plan B even, “relationship” is an easy definition, which depends on the parameters.

Where the present situation at hand permits for it, just somewhere in-between friendship and relationship, usually undefined. This leaves one or both parties in total mayhem.

Imagine navigating through dating streets of this nature, knowing the cues and signals will help you stay sane in these, fierce dating streets. And the key is to be more aware of these times.

Despite these tough dating streets, people are still able to have even long distance relationships using skype and video calls to go on dates.s

Some users would just easily slide into a crush’s dm (direct message) and send them a quick message and viola, that they are in a serious relationship.

For others, it might just be a like for a particular photograph and they are hooked up for life. It has its negative sides, there has also been successes recorded, which are thriving better than we could ever think.

For Marie Wiseborn of Ghana, just another regular person who took to her page on Instagram to dance, as she tagged the song of popular gospel artist, Moses Bliss.

It has been nothing short of bliss. So, if Marie Wiseborn could reach out unexpectedly and find love in a time and season where the dating streets are filled with many mixed signals, when finding love is such an absolute draining task.

Everyone has their story of love and yours might just be in the gram or just around the corner. Still on these weird dating streets and toping it off with a wedding of the Century.

In these times, Veekee James who is a renowned celebrity fashion designer and a gospel artist who did not let the singles breathe in her one week event-like escapade of a wedding.

She planned not just a big wedding but every stroke came with a fairytale theme and a creative demonstration that shook all the single-pringles to their bones.

Left the singles wondering what next she had on her plate and dang it! When did she start planning what looked like an Olympic event? As they say, different strokes for different folks.

It makes this question even easier to answer, who is the focus for a wedding, a groom or a bride? That will be a story for another day.

A girl’s dream wedding changes over time with age, status and personality, at 14 she might just want something that looks like an Olympic opening but at 45, I trust she might just want to have only the people that matter to her.

For what it’s worth, every girls dream wedding plan has gone under the knives once or twice at some point in her life, depending on when she finds her prince charming.

What her status is at the time and at what level of womanhood/ stage she is as at when she finds him. So, do the men folk have their dream weddings all planned out too? Or do they the just appear on that day giving their bride full support?

So, with these big weddings here and there, causing both good and mayhem in the dating streets, sending cues and updates on the latest trend and positioning system of finding the right one for a dream wedding that will either pepper or burn others with great jealousy.

Therefore, what marks for a great wedding? Who is the focus? What really matters? How much of our personality does our choice reveal? What dream wedding plans do the men have?

Can the dating streets afford a daydreaming and planning for the big day? When does reality hit you, after planning a fairytale wedding? Who wakes up to the reality first, the bride or groom?

Who does a big wedding serve, the couples, the guests or the social-media relatives? Are our fairytales limited by present economic situation?

If in these ambiguous dating streets, people can still afford the luxury of a big wedding, still able to connect and make acquaintances with people miles and miles over the seas and have a love that was match-made in heaven then all is fair in love.

There seems to be hope in these weird dating streets. There is always a manual for navigation in any city, with the evolution of technology, google and every other guide, that can navigate these streets.

Daters can plan our own fairytale wedding and have it be what we want. They could even make allowances where the men folk can also have their own wedding plan come to fruition.

Anything is possible now, as we are in an era of possibilities, you cannot be limited by distance. People can still meet on hinge, get married on skype, have interracial children on their first meeting and shake the world up.

Again, all is fair in love and there is no limitation when it comes to theses dating streets. Get your itinerary, have a plan, make sure to be knowledgeable about all the cues and phrases, you will be at the top soon.

To be a good player in any game, one has to be knowledgeable, tactical and open-minded to upgrade at every point of the game, as things do not remain the same over time.

Starting with, know the game and get your strategies correctly aligned, that way you have a counter attack for any darts thrown at you.

In the ever-changing game of love, one must clothe themselves with knowledge, strategy, and an open mind.

As daters navigate the twists and turns of modern romance, from the enigmatic streets of dating to the splendor of grand weddings.

Remember that every encounter, every experience, shapes our journey. While the path may seem rocky and uncertain, there is hope amidst the chaos. Love always prevail despite initial setbacks by miles and times in the end.

So, whether you find yourself dancing into love on Instagram or planning the wedding of your dreams, embrace the journey, have fun at every corner of it. Adapt to the changes, and let love be your guide through the ever-shifting landscapes of life and romance.

In the dance of love and the spectacle of weddings, the modern era offers a myriad of paths and possibilities.

From the quirky streets of dating lingo to the grandeur of fairy-tale weddings, each step shapes our journey towards friendship, love, and companionship.

As we embrace the complexities of modern day romance, let us remember that amidst the uncertainties, there lies a beacon of hope and possibility.

Let us embrace the ride for what it is and have fun while at it.So, whether you find yourself navigating the unpredictable dating scene or planning the wedding of your dreams, may you tread with courage, authenticity, and an unwavering belief in the power of a love that is magical.

In the tapestry of our lives, it is the threads of connection and commitment that bind us together, creating a mosaic of cherished memories and enduring bonds.

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