Wrestler yokozuna dies of heart failure at 54

A popular wrestler, Akebono Taro, also known as yokozuna, has died of heart failure at the age of 54 in Japan.

The Associated Press, cited a email from
his wife, Christine Rowan, that says Yokozuna died “within the past week” but declined to give details.

ABCnews quoted Associated Press as saying that he died “within the past week”, but declined to give details about one of the greats of sumo wrestling and a former grand champion

The family said in a statement that the Hawaii-born late Wrestler said, “It is with sadness that we announce Akebono Taro died of heart failure earlier this month while receiving care at a hospital in the Tokyo area”.

“I had to tend to personal matters that needed to be done prior to publicly announcing my husband’s death,” she said.

The family’s statement said friends and family will hold a “private celebration of his life.”

“The family kindly asks for privacy during this time of mourning,” the statement said, he is survived by his wife, Christine, daughter and two sons.

Yokozuna who was an 11-time grand tournament winner, and he retired in 2001, moved to Tokyo in the late 1980s and won his first grand championship in 1993.

He was also a real giant, reported at the time to weigh 500 pounds and stand 6-feet-8 at his prime career of the late Wrestler who was born Chad George Ha’aheo Rowan.

TheNewspad reports that his fans on social Media all over the world have began to send tributes to the family of the late sportsman.

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