Police defend integrity against grazing on farm

Difficulties in negotiating adequate compensation to four farmers arising from willful destruction by Fulani herdsmen at E’gbe Area in Kwara State, has put the integrity of the Police Command in the State in the spotlight.

This was after a viral video of Cattle that invading and eating up crops in the farm, captured by Mr Femi Ademola and three others — owner of the farm hit the Internet.

DSP Ejire-Adeyemi, the Command’s spokesman Ejire-Adeyemi confirmed this on Friday in a statement, which said Police averted a violent clash between farmer/Cattle herder that would have lead of casualties.

He said the incident was reported to the crack team of Egbe Divisional Police Station on Thursday July 4th 2024.

Ejire-Adeyemi said Police investigation led to the arrest of two young boys, tendering the destructive Cattle for Mr Baba Arike, a native Fulani unlike the Bororo Fulani ethnic group, which is more ferocious in nature.

He said, “The owner of the Cattle was identified as one Baba Arike, a native Fulani and not a Bororo Fulani, which if, could have led to killing of the reporter of the crime”.

The statement said, a Divisional Police officer at E’gbe Area who was determine to maintain law and order in the Area, mobilized his crack team and some of members of security Committee went to ascertain the level of devastation of the farm” after the incident.

The police spokesman said, having identified the “video man”, but, the fear of reprisal, sent the video to a third party in Kaduna where it was circulated to police operatives in Kwara.

He said, the crack team of Egbe Divisional Police station, Egbe Security Committee Representatives, fished out the owner of the cows from their farm settlement to the Police station immediately.

But he said, “negotiation on adequate compensation to the four affected farm owners, which was initiated by the DPO, without glitches at the police station E’gbe, however suffered a setback when Farmers and herders to discuss failed to settle their differences.

The statement explained that arising from the inability of parties in the dispute to arrive at a resolution and pay adequate compensation to the farm owners, the Police may charge the case to court soon.

The statement reads in part, “The DPO requested the Farmers and Herders to discuss and settle their differences. Hence, they were unable to resolve their differences, the herders have been detained at the Police station prior charging them to the court.

“He (DPO) affirmed need to have an undertaking for amicable settlement. Further updates will be communicated to everyone”, Ejire-Adeyemi
he said.

The police spokesman also said, “They were all in the police station this morning. One out of the two young boys tendering the cows was also brought to the police station.

“The farm was devastated. Our people on the investigation are:- PCRC Chairman Abiodun David Delegated by the Egbe Security Committee Chairman/Secretary were at the Police station.

“The owner of the farm, all were present in the police station with the arrested suspected culprits”, according to the statement.

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