Mad man invades NIPOST, attacks staff

Pandemonium broke out when a middle-aged man seen as a lunatic, allegedly attacked a yet-to-be identified staff of the Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST on airport road in Benin City, Edo State.

It was leant that invader, strayed into the complex at 1:13p.m on Friday March 15, 2024 after beating security check at NIPOST gate.

The attacker who was in dirty clothes, allegedly chased away the fair in complexion woman through the pedestrians path at the complex, according to dependable sources.

Without any resistance, the female staff, ran to a popular eatery behind the complex where the victim took shelter for 5 minutes and left after the kneel-jerk marathon.

The attacked victim who claimed to have been bullied emotionally and mentally by the same lunatic in the past, appealed to NIPOST Management to put an end to the avoidable menace at workplace.

According to her, “This mad man attacked me on my shoulders. Thank God, I noticed it and fled imedia for my life. These people should put a stop to this. The security agents are nowhere! Look at my body”.

A brave business woman at the premises, however chased away the lunatic, amid laughter by bystanders
who pulled out to a safe distance having sense danger ahead.

TheNewspad reports that inquiry into what went wrong and who is responsible for the security breach at the post office that has become a shelter for destitute especially at night, has started.

In a phone interview on Friday, Ngozi Oduama of the Corporate Affairs Department of NIPOST, said she is currently on leave and cannot comment or respond to inquiry by TheNewspad(online) Newspaper.

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