How genuine humility and selfless leadership can transform Edo

It isn’t an easy task for people to predict the final outcome of bustling journey of life where humans often cross individuals’ paths in an extraordinary way with unforgettable experiences.

On Sunday November 3rd 2023, my encounter as a student on my voyage to Lagos in a commercial traveling bus, unknown to me was that Engr. Gideon Ikhine — a leading aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Edo State governorship election billed for September 21, 2024, was on board.

Little did I know that this widely undisputed leader who doesn’t have the kind of huge ego in most Nigerian politician, was a man on a salvage mission and filled with dreams to lead Edo State toward a brighter future where everyone will live their dreams and achieve their potentials irrespective of socio-economic status.

This was after the commercial bus hummed with the harmonious rhythm of wheels on the asphalt, blending seamlessly with the diverse conversations echo within the moment of self-introspection.

In a world often defined by ostentation, a man who is skillful in his craft, chose to remain incognito until we disembarked. His humility spoke volumes, transcending the unusual trappings of political personage that amused everyone.

As we stepped onto the platform, the true identity of Engr. Ikhine became clearer, surprising everyone with his modesty. The revelation that ensued thereafter, became a poignant reminder that genuine leaders are not defined by their titles, but by the sincerity with which they connect with the people they aspire to serve.

This pleasant surprise encounter, left me contemplating the essence of leadership. Truly, the APC governorship aspirant demonstrated that humility is not a weakness, but a strength — a bridge connecting leaders to the pulse of the people. In a society that is in need a breath of fresh air.

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Sincerely, the foundation of a great leader is built on humility, empathy, and a genuine connection with the people. Indeed, Engr. Ikhine is famed for his austere lifestyle, having shown that he understands the dynamics of the heartbeat State. His journey is one that resonates not only with political aspirations but with the aspirations of every citizen.

In contemporary society like ours, a man of courage, character, will is needed as a beacon of hope — a testament that the true power of leadership that lies in the ability to walk humbly among the people, even in uncertain times.


From Ehigie Destiny, final year Engineering Student of University of Benin (UNIBEN).

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