‘We’re in delicate situation’, Ojezua says ‘Obaseki’s rating has changed’

Mr Aselm Ojezua, Peoples Democratic party (PDP) aspirant in Edo State 2024 governorship poll, Mr Anselm Ojezua has stated that PDP stakeholders are in delicate situation, citing distrust in the party.

He said this when he featured on Friday Channels Television Sunrise Daily where he lamented that the popularity rating of Governor Godwin Obaseki has changed due to the festering crises in the ruling party in Edo State.

“Today, we are in a very delicate situation. You need to look at everything, then pick the right person. Whether old or new, we are all in PDP, Ojezua said, “What is important to me is, should PDP go into an election in a fragmented form, then, self defeat was already started”.

Ojezua also also said, “Therefore, all of us should try to work together, including those who may have left the party. We must take steps to retain them. Politics is a game of numbers”.

According to him, “Edo Citizen gave him – Obaseki wake and see arising from his antecedent. Obaseki has not changed, but his rating has changed. Why? Politics. We need to deploy political skills to get out of this morass”.

Asked if Obaseki has a preferred aspirant in the race, Ojezua further said he is willing to make sacrifices in the interest of the party.

He admitted that the Governor has a right to choose his successor, he stated that he cannot do it without the support of stakeholders in PDP.

He said, “Whatever we do in terms of choice of party Candidate, we are all going back to the street to get endorsement. When the Governor was a victim of embarrassment years ago, it was the people in the street that saved him in 2020. Nothing else. If it was about money or power, we have not”. But the people insisted that it must be Obaseki.

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