Fuss over China’s racism against Africa dissent

Osaigbovo Iguobaro

The news of Africans living in China who became victims of racism during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic was gradually fading away when the shocking revelation of a Chinese supermarket in Nigeria’s nation’s Capital, broke earlier in the week.

Nigerians were enraged after they were denied entry into the supermarket located in a building ran by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, for not been of Chinese dissent.

The West African watchdog — Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC shut down the supermarket indefinitely, and summoned the owner of the business outlet, arising from the global outrage, including residents of Abuja over the manner they have been unfairly treated by the supermarket which is in the eye of the storm.

Disturbing footages of the accusation against the supermarket that played its racism to Nigerians went viral, denied African shoppers entry.

*How things fell apart.

Trouble started when some Nigerians shoppers went to the supermarket, which has been in existence for years now, but they were denied entry by guards at the premises for not being a Chinese dissent.

The racial discrimination against Africans including African footballers in Europe, America and Australia has gained traction in the Media space for quite a long time despite calls for the control of racism, which has not yielded desired outcome. Racial discrimination, bullying, Cyber stalking and others are visible on social Media, and they constitute offences that are punishable.

But, the government of China, seems to be looking at a different direction in looking at the crisis. The government has averted that racism toga against her Country is a strategy deployed by State actors who are unhappy with the emerging global tech giant by putting a stud to the wheel of progress and Africa’s relations with China.

Nigeria for example is home for over 10,000 China, according to Media reports. A lot of their nationals in Nigeria are found in business, Engineers handling most
infrastructure projects,. including road construction and telecom sector in Africa.

On the other hand, China has become one of the biggest lender to Nigerians and that Country has benefited a great deal from the age-long relation with Africa whose population is increasing in China.

China’s former foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuan, insists that trolls want to sit on this incident, “exaggerate and sow discord in their futile effort.

China and Africa have weathered the storm,. according to him has been so full of a win-win.

Shuan, said, “Africa relations with China has been cordial. African Countries and the people of Africa knows the way things are.

China’s presence in Africa particularly in Nigeria, Africa Post America Media report suggests that Beljing is reputed for project in Abuja, and beyond, but, China has openly engaged in discriminatory practice against Africa dissent.

TheNewspad reports that as the calls for boycott of Chinese investments continue to engage Nigerians as a mark of reciprocity, the move may become a huge setback for Nigeria and China, which is also a home to many Nigerians, relations.

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