First Lady kicks as amputee shot by her husband plans reunion

The First Lady of Edo State, Mrs Betsy Obaseki says the State government will pursue justice for Mrs Tina Okhiria whose left arm was amputated due to a gunshot allegedly inflicted by her abusive husband, sparking global outrage.

The survivor had initially deposed to an affidavit before a court, stating that her husband’s actions were not intentional, after the respite that was offered by Mrs Obaseki after the assault was reported in June 2023.

At a meeting in Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues, Mrs Obaseki expressed shock and disappointment at Mrs. Okhiria’s affidavit.

Mrs Obaseki warning followed attempts by some individuals, family members and friends of the survivor of the spousal abuse to change her testimony, pervert the course of justice and discontinue the gender based violent case suit in court in Benin City.

Speaking further, Mrs. Obaseki, warned Mrs. Okhiria, that any attempt to withdraw charges would result in her being added to the legal proceedings under the compounding felony clause.

She vowed to explore relevant provisions in the Violent Against Persons Prohibition, VAPP Law, which could lead to both Mrs. Okhiria and her husband serving jail term if found guilty by a jury.

The First Lady stressed that the government’s responsibility was to ensure a safe society for all Citizens irrespective of whose ass is gored.

Despite the challenges posed by the nature of the amputation, the First Lady revealed ongoing efforts to provide Mrs. Okhiria with the best electronic prosthesis globally, highlighting the significant of her affection toward the oppressed.

Highlighting the disheartening nature of Mrs. Okhiria’s actions, Mrs Obaseki underscored the tragic stories of women who had lost their lives due to domestic abuse in avoidable circumstances.

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