Ex-GYB: A fleeing lion!

By Gbemisola Adedayo

Nigerians are still relishing the drama between the erstwhile governor of the Confluence State (Kogi), Yahaya Bello, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC over alleged N82.3 billion fraud under his tenure as governor of the State.

Resisting arrest through the active conivance of his side kick and self curated supplanter, Usman Ododo, Bello not known for coyness and timidity, bolted without dignity like a rodent surrounded by hunting dogs.

What started like a routine for the EFCC took a turn for the dramatic with uncontrollable tension as the residence of the former governor situated on Benghazi Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja became some kind impregnable fortress, more like the den of some criminal baron or outlaw.

Bello, the erstwhile ‘White lion’ of Lugard House where he reigned as Emperor was frightened right in his own den. Not only was the emperor naked, he was being taunted by children throwing dats at his exposed underbelly.

Clever by half and sensing danger from the economic and political rascal that had characterised his eighth-year rule, Bello had tried to emulate former Rivers State governor, Peter Odili by procuring a black market court injunction restraining the EFCC from arresting, let alone probing the state of affairs he had left behind.

But the refusal of the EFCC to back down and vacate his residence must have felt like the petulance and insolence of a stubborn fly.

Bello must have pinched himself to be sure he was a lion, armed with the title of ex, and backed by order of the court.In the end, it was surrogate Ododo who happened on the scene to deflect attention and scurry the lion away to safety – never mind if the royal lion travelled in dog’s kernel or in a befitting cage.

Yahaya Bello ran away, and will live to run another day. Immunity has expired and Yahaya Bello sought judicial immunity.

The same person who disobeyed courts wants to stand on the fraudulent authority of a court to evade justice. But he only dug himself further into a hole.

He has been duly declared wanted and is on the watch list of the Nigerian Immigration Service. If that’s not embarrassing for a former lion, it must be because animals don’t know the sentiment that humans regard as shame.

But a lion should have honour. A welter of rumours emerging from Kogi State are quite disturbing, but they more or less confirm apprehension that Bello might well be on a third term.

It is said the former governor remained quartered in Government House while the incumbent had to hibernate at the Commissioners’ Quarters awaiting the pleasure of Bello’s imperial majesty. What are stooges for after all?

While the white lion is accused of cannibalising the states treasury for which he doesn’t want to answer any questions, state employees are whimpering over years of unpaid or underpaid emoluments.

If Bello doesn’t bolt under the eyes of the law like some Binance executive did recently, the former Governor may face multiple charges of corruption and abuse of office, including many unresolved murders and other crimes committed while he was on the watch.

From the Central Senatorial district where the former governor hails from, a source said many youths who were opposed to Bello’s political ambition were cut down in their prime and the records are with the security agencies.

In 2019, Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Okene Local Government who refused to decamp to APC was abducted from a hotel in Lokoja and up till date he has not been seen.

“The man dealt with our people and we are waiting to see what the Commission is going to do before the cases of murder come up.

Mind you, there is another petition on the stealing of several billions from local government funds between him and the council chairmen.

“If you are in this state you will know how some local government workers were earning N4000 as a monthly salary.

“My brother was on Level 12 in Adavi Local Government, his salary was slashed from 120,000 when Bello came to N35, 000 and no reason was given.

He was in that frustration coupled with his health challenge, and he eventually died.” The man narrated.Mr. Halidu Abu, a relation of the PDP Women Leader burnt to death by APC thugs in Ochadamu in Ofu Local Government during the 2019 governorship election in the state, commended President Bola Tinubu for allowing the anti-graft agency to deal with the former governor.

He said the federal government should challenge the security agencies who were induced by Bello not to investigate a series of murder cases against him to commence their work to serve as deterrents to many other political leaders in the country who see the life of a common man as nothing and kill them at will.

For now, the former lion is on the run and EFCC can encourage hunters by also putting a bounty on his head.

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