Edo govt failure to appoint court members frustrate justice delivery

Delay in appointment of members of Egor Area Customary Court (1 and 2), Uwelu District in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, is frustrating justice delivery system.

The Area Customary Courts are vested with the responsibility to hear and determine both criminal and Civil cases under the native laws and custom.

It all began over six months ago when the two Courts were partially shutdown arising from alleged failure of the State government to either renew the tenure of the retired Court members or name replacements since August 2023.

Over 6,100 cases that had been filed at the Court Registry while about 9000 cases that due for hearing within the period of a stalemate.

However, litigants have remained steadfast and persevered meticulously against these impediments.

It was learnt that in the past, some litigants were given long hearing dates on the Course List and incessant adjournment notices in Courts.

Deplorable road network to the Courts has made matters worse for litigants and helpless Court workers who meander through bumps and potholes on daily basis to work.

A Benin based human rights lawyer said the last sitting of the Courts was first week of August 2023.

He said, “If you don’t help bring about justice, one day you too may experience injustice and there will be no one to stand for you.

“It our duty to be there for others when they cannot help themselves”, he said.

Speaking in a phone interview, the State Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Mr Chris Nehikhare side-stepped TheNewspad inquiry.

After several persistence by the Newspaper, Nehikhare suggested to our Reporter to send his query to his WhatsApp line for reaction, which he is yet-to respond to after 24 hours a reminder was sent to him twice.

The Commissioner said, “Send me your questions through WhatsApp. When I look at the questions, I will know who to talk to”.

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