Cautious optimism as Shaibu glides on Oshiomhole’s stimulation

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Photographs of the Edo State deputy governor, Mr Philip Shaibu visit to the inauguration of Nigeria’s 10th National Assembly in Abuja where he also attended the reception party of the Senator that represents Edo North Senatorial district, have set tongues wagging among the two major political parties in the State (All Progressives Congress, APC) and Peoples Democratic party, PDP supporters.


The State governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki and Shaibu who contested and won the September 19, 2020 governorship election in the State on PDP platform, however suffered defeat at the just concluded 2023 general elections.

But the outcome of recent elections, epitomises the uninspiring vitriolic campaigns of calumny against the leader of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, fondly taunted as Edo APC godfather by admirers.

Political watchers believe that Oshiomhole’s election victory to the Upper chamber in the National Assembly, was no doubt, a soccer punch to Shaibu and Obaseki who had repeatedly threatened at different fora to retire the latter from active politics even as the poll outcome have settled the popularity contest between Oshiomhole and his political godson, Shaibu in the Senatorial District and the power dynamics in Edo politics.

Shaibu’s presence at Oshiomhole’s reception party in the nation’s Capital, which has become a source of concern to political pundits at a time when the State governor for undisclosed reasons dropped Commissioners from Edo North Senatorial District in the State Executive Council (SEC) and didn’t appoint any into the newly constituted SEC.

Analysts are of the opinion that the development is a delebrate attempt by the Governor to undermine the influence of Shaibu over his alleged ambition to succeed his Principal when their tenure ends in November 12, 2024.

The deputy governor whose tenure will end on November 12, 2024, is on cliff hanger, barely six years after Obaseki threatens to cause Oshiomhole malaria at a political rally held at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) sports Complex in Benin.

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However, Shaibu who was absent on Tueaday June 13th 2013 at the swearing-in of 15 Commissioners that were recently screened by the 6th State house of Assembly, is either yet to officially throw his hat into the ring or name the platform that he chooses to contest the 2024 governorship poll, which the former Minister of (State) Budget and National Planning, Mr Clem Agba who served in Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure, has been tipped as Oshiomhole’s favourite choice and a leading contender among APC aspirants.

The State deputy Governor described his visit to the National Assembly as a “memorable one being in the midst of my old colleagues.

He said, “I arrived at the venue of the reception for the Edo State federal lawmakers in Abuja feeling excited and optimistic about the opportunity to meet with the new lawmakers, myself being a former federal lawmaker.

“As the deputy Governor of Edo State I knew that this was an opportunity to strengthen bonds and build networks that could benefit our state.

“As I walked into the venue I was greeted by the sight of several individuals with many chanting “welcome home, welcome home”.

“Ofcourse, I didn’t need anyone to tell me that i was home because being in the midst of Edo indigenes is home already for me, whether they are PDP APC, Labour party or others.

“I had an exciting conversation with the lawmakers from the APC and I am pleased to note that I was warmly welcomed and congratulated on the progress we have been making in Edo state.

“The Ceremony afforded me the opportunity of sharing my experiences and insights about the dynamics in Edo State particularly regarding governance development projects and socio-economic issues.

“I feel proud and even more inspired by the accomplishments of my party in the state, I took note of the speeches delivered by notable figures and individuals at the reception, especially their unwavering commitment to promoting the interests of Edo people and Edo State.

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“I left the event knowing that I had made valuable connections and received a wealth of knowledge that would be relevant in managing Edo State as I felt re-energized and ready to continue working towards a brighter future for our state and the Country.

“I really had a good time”, he said.

But a public affairs analyst, Mr Oaku George published on Facebook page, Tuesday June 13th 2023, “We learnt he was in Abuja celebrating with Oshiomhole on his inauguration as a Senator.

“I said few weeks back in one of my Posts, that Politicians are shameless, they always go back to their vomits and eat them. Philip Shaibu’s a typical example.

“Does he thinks Adams Oshiomhole has forgiven him! Is he not same Oshiomhole he tongue-lashed, called all sorts of derogatory names just few months back? It’s easier for Oshiomhole to reconcile with Governor Obaseki than Shaibu.

“Does he thinks Oshiomhole can make him a Governor in this Edo State where I reside? When is he crossing to APC? I will be in the crowd of the people that will welcome him, even though I do not belong to that Party.

“My services are available to any Party that requires hired hands to form a large crowd. If Philip’s Shaibu re-declares for APC in Auchi, the crowd will be large, but not to welcome him, they will be there to look at the face of a Quisling – ( Ogbuwa jo lele ).

“I saw the pictures where he sat with Oshiomhole in Abuja, though both sat together, they looked away in different directions with frown faces. The composure of Osiomhole alone is enough to warn Shaibu to look before he leaps. But has he got the Intelligence to read and interpret facial impressions?

The truth’s that Shaibu is over ambitious like Abubakar Atiku, who had just learnt a bitter lesson. Over ambitious people always laboured in vain in the pursuit of their aims and objectives. Has Shaibu not realised that one Clement Agba, who’s the right hand man of Adams Oshiomhole has already expressed his interest in the same Governorship Race?

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“How many Etsako people are bracing-up for the Governorship Position when it’s not yet their turn? My brother, remain where you are, eight years as Deputy Governor is enough for you, you are the first Deputy Governor in Edo State that benefited immensely from his Principal, if you doubt me, ask the State former deputy Dr. Odubu. Obaseki has been magnanimous to you. Show him some of gratitude. One good turn, deserves another”, he said.

Commenting on the issue development, Mr Iyamah Prince Nuru said, “As depicted right on this photograph, the exhibition of diplomacy, good spirit of sportsmanship and harmony being portrayed by these noble men, has further dwarfed the insinuations and discordant tunes being peddled regarding the feud between the erstwhile Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshomhole and his political son, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip shaibu.

“As we match towards development and shared prosperity, we should understand that the road to greatness is not marked by perfection but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure”, he said.

In this era of alignment and realignment continue, there are likely to be upsets, intrigues and power play by elections’ midfielder in the build up to the governorship election towards breaking barriers and making lasting impact.

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