Akinyemi: Israel-Hamas crisis may lead to WW III

By TheNewspad team

Nigeria’s former Minister of foreign Affairs, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi says World War III is imminent, amid fears of retaliation by Iran after attack on the later’s Consulate by Israel, which declared war on Hamas over a fatal assault October 7, 2023 on Israelites.

Akinyemi however assured that only divine intervention will put an end to the hostilities arising from killings in an unpredictable future, with devastating and unacceptable consequences in navigating the complexities of global politics.

The Nigerian Professor of Political Science who made the assertion during Arise Television breakfast interview on Friday April 12, 2024, stated that he does not see an end to the conflicts given the rising death toll and humanitarian crises.

Akinyemi said he felt sorry for the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres over his inability to extract commitment from key decision makers to call the aggressors and war mongers to order, lamented that the United Nations, UN, is fast sliding into irrelevance like the defunct League of Nations.

Reacting to the complicated political perspectives of Israel, ahead of an impending attack on the sovereign either by proxy militant wing of Iran (Hezbollah) or directly on Israeli assets, Akinyemi also assured that, “the UN Security Council is on standby mode, waiting for someone to whisper to its ear”, to rescue thousands of Civilians that are paying the price of war.

“We should all be praying if you are in prayer mode. The way I see the conflict, only divine intervention could stop us from killing ourselves. May that is what God wants us to do. That is, killing ourselves so that he (God) can recreate new human beings who would perhaps be more rational than the ones he created last time.

“I do not see an end to this crises because each time we think that we are moving closer to a rational end, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister will do something else.

“If Iran does not retaliate as a leader in Iran, you will not want your people to see you as a toothless bulldog”, Akinyemi said.

The Nigerian Diplomat insisted that the United States could combine her forces to end the Israel-Hamas war, but recommended the use of brains or use of rationality.

Akinyemi said, “That is why I keep talking about the use of brains or the use of rationality – being able to play a game in the end of the game, we are all winners. And there will be no apparent losers.

“Right now, there are no brightest winners in the white House. Actually, it is the United States that can stop Israel from commuting all of us into a war addiction”, according to Akinyemi.

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