Abubakar Momoh has questions to answer — Activist Ann Kio-Briggs

Niger Delta activist, Ann Kio-Briggs has sidestepped questions regarding the Minister of Niger Delta, Engr. Abubakar Momoh’s management competence and mental evaluation framework in his new assignment.

But, she insisted that Minister has questions to answer regarding intractable issues on how Niger Delta Ministry’s resources have been managed and Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Audit Report of the Ministry that uncovered fraud during past administrations.

Kio-Briggs who made the submission when she featured on African Independent Television Kakaaki on Monday, raised concern about the Amnesty Programme and development of the oil region.

When asked to comment on Abubakar Momoh’s competence, the Niger Delta activist said, “I like talking about people.
“We just have to wait and see the people that are being thrown up because we do not have a say about the people that are overseeing these Ministries.

According to her, “Abubakar Momoh’s redeployment from the Ministry of Youth to Niger Delta Ministry, was an after thought. It was because we (Niger Deltans) made a noise that anything that has to do with tempering with the gains that we have made so far, will become counterproductive”.

Kio-Briggs said, “Anybody you bring into the Niger Delta has a question mark. Whoever is in that Ministry has questions to answer. Not just necessarily on the person that is coming, but, on the activities of the Ministry of Niger Delta.

“During the past tenure, there was this issue of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Audit Report. Since eight years, we still don’t know what they found. That is not acceptable.

“We (Nigerians) have to know what happened in the Ministry of Niger Delta before this government goes into functioning. Why did I ask? Because we still have questions that are unanswered about the past tenures in the Ministry and the NDDC. We should stop allowing every government or tenure to sweep the problems that were created under the carpet and go away”, Kio-Briggs said.

She said Nigerians want to know how tax-payers money allocated to the Ministry by past and current governments spent on East West Road construction and maintenance of the Road, which has become a threat to travellers.

Kio-Briggs further warned against a repeat of projects duplication by NDCC and Niger Delta Ministry under the current dispensation.

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