A dirge for PDP

That the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, will lose the Edo state governorship election is no longer news. The anarchist of the party who has often ensured that everything he met in the party is demolished if he does not have his way is at it again. The gods are really angry and will not allow the evil of a party to remain in office.

In the latest twist of events, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is steering straight into a political storm, with its ship floundering and its sails torn.

The recent debacle surrounding the dissolution of the Edo State Governorship Election Campaign Council paints a vivid picture of an ailing party.

The abrupt withdrawal of the previously announced 200-man campaign council, filled with non-members, speaks volumes about the internal strife the PDP is branded for. With the national leadership wielding the axe, it’s clear that all is not well with the very sick party . The decision to dissolve the council reeks of discord and disarray.

At the heart of this debacle is a power struggle between Governor Godwin Obaseki as godfather and the party’s chosen head of the campaign council, Mr. Mathew Iduoriyekemwem. Obaseki’s vehement opposition to Iduoriyekemwem’s appointment underscores the deep-seated divisions within the PDP, with conflicting factions pulling the party in different directions.

The controversy surrounding the choice of campaign council members ab initio exacerbated the PDP’s woes. Despite assurances that the council was carefully selected to ensure ‘victory’, for the party, the abrupt withdrawal of the list now casts a shadow of doubt over the party’s electoral prospects.

With the September 21 governorship election looming on the horizon, the PDP finds itself in its true precarious position, teetering on the brink of irrelevance, which it rightfully deserves for the agony its reign inflicted on Edo.

The party’s inability to present a united front and its propensity for internal bickering only serve to bolster the narrative of a party in decline.

As it scrambles to salvage its remains, the specter of impending doom looms large. In the face of mounting pressure and dwindling support, the PDP must now confront the harsh reality of its own mortality as the signs are plain – the party is being consigned to the annals of history, buried beneath the weight of its own shortcomings.

September 21, 2024, is the d-day. It will mark the culmination of the PDP’s downward spiral, as the harsh reality of its own demise dawns.

The funeral dirge for the once mighty party grows louder with each passing day, signaling the end of a wasted era in Edo politics.



Mr Osehobo Victor Ofure, Edo PDP Assistant Publicity Secretary writes from Benin City.

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