Who but Ighodalo can make Edo people smile again?

When the lawyer and development savvy technocrat, Dr Asue Ighodalo, told his media dominated gathering that his decision to rest his plump positions in different blue chip organisations to contest the Edo governorship seat was deliberate and well-thought out, not one person in the audience had a single doubt in their minds that he wouldn’t be able to use his thoughts and ideas to help Edo State hit the ambitious socio-economic development targets he had set.

Boldly stating his desire to move Edo State from her status as a third world subnational into the first world is as daring a campaign statement as they come.

And with recent political events where the main opposition party in the state demonstrated political ruderlessness and an embarrassing lack of tact as an unrepentant godfather selected his unprepared godson; one is led to believe that the political runway is now clear for Dr. Asue Ighodalo’s ambition to serve Edo people, to take off.

The intrepid reader is enjoined to look around; for a moment. Now answer this: Who among these aspirants – without any bias – has the national and international exposure like the frontline PDP aspirant to deliver on their verbose promises? Which of them can boast of higher levels of competence or compassion?

Apart from Ighodalo, who among them has shown the tenacity and clarity of vision needed to govern successfully in times as difficult as these?

While the so-called opponents, have no verifiable credible socio-economic development achievements in whatever manner particular, either in the local, national and international arenas, Ighodalo’s avalanche achievements speak volumes of his capacity and capabilities to deliver any day on his set goals and objectives.

There is an adage in Bini that says it is that man who is overfed and has enough to throw around that will show willingness to share. Obviously, Ighodalo – bursting at the seams with experience and intellect – is the quintessential Edo man that typifies the adage.

Yet, Barr. Ighodalo is the model of humility. There is no air of entitlement around him. Perhaps that is why he appears to be the only aspirant reaching out to meet the people where they are – in their markets, schools, churches, weddings, funerals. Like the popular MTN advert, one finds him ‘everywhere you go’.

So perhaps it is this cornucopia of characteristics; his humility, competence, capacity and compassion; that have propelled the former Chairman of Sterling Bank Plc and Nigerian Breweries into the hearts of Edo people as they prepare to elect their next governor on Sept.21.

Asue Ighodalo’s penchant for success through cutting edge tech solutions, became visible once again when he assumed board membership of the Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC.

Variable statistics show that
in the first nine months of 2023, the company’s profit after tax grew to N20.9 billion from N18.1 billion in the same period of 2022.

According to Mr. Chukwuebuka Omerole, the company’s secretary, turnover increased to N60.1 billion from N50.2 billion

Only a man with the midas touch such as Asue Ighodalo, unquenchable drive to excel, is ready and willing to bring such expertise in the area of corporate and project financing, securities and capital markets, energy and natural resources, mergers and acquisitions and banking and securitization to turn the fortunes of Edo around for the better.

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