Nigeria Service Chiefs jittery over looming sack

Largely due to the disastrous escalating of the insecurity in the Country and the mulling of turning around the security architecture, Service Chiefs are running from pillar to pole to make sure that their jobs are not tempered with if eventually Federal Government decided to sack them.

An informed source in Aso Rock told TheNewspad that the administration of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is almost at the ends wit on how to tackle the escalating insecurity in the country thereby fuelling the speculation that plans are afoot to sack the Service Chiefs who the source said have not performed optimally since they were engaged.

The source said there is massive pressure on President Tinubu to as matter of urgency sack the security chiefs and think outside the box in fixing the disastrous escalation of insecurity across the nation.

Investigation revealed that the Service Chiefs have besieged the National Assembly to lobby for their retention if President make good his promise to rejig the security architecture in months to come should the escalation of the insecurity continue unabated as the case now all over the Country.

Sources said that at the recent security meeting with the Service Chiefs, President Tinubu was said to be emphatic on sacking them if the insecurity situation continues without any solution.

According to the source, Tinubu told the Service Chiefs that their best is not enough as far as arresting the security situation is concerned, adding that his administration would not condone any lapses on the part of the Security Chiefs in tackling the situation because government has provided what they requested to arrest the situation.

An informed source volunteered that the feelings in Aso Rock is an uneasy one because of the deafening reports across the nation that the security situation is dangerously declining on daily basis because the insurgents allegedly takes upper hand, a situation which appears to have got the goat of the administration of President Tinubu.

According to the source, President Tinubu is earnestly scouting for the replacement of the Service Chiefs if the situation continues unabated. “President Tinubu’s administration is tired of excuses being churned out by the Service Chiefs as the reason they have not been able to fix the security situation in the Country.

President Tinubu has no choice but to think outside the box by first and foremost doing reshuffling of the Service Chiefs in the interim to see if they will improve or sack all of them in a swoop”, offered an Aso Rock source that spoke to this medium on the condition of anonymity.

It was gathered that the alleged lack synergy among the rank files of the security apparatus has been identified as the main reason there are loopholes in the strategy deployed the Security Chiefs to fix the situation appears not to be working.

Sources said that there fifth columnists in the security apparatus in the Country that vowed to expose whatever strategy on ground to the insurgent, the main reason the insurgents are always steps ahead of the security in interrogating the war.

Information at the disposal of TheNewspad revealed that alleged activities of the rank and files in the security firmament have been fingered as the reason for security collapse in the Country.

An informed National Assembly source told TheNewspad that the members of the National Assembly are divided over the impending decision to show the Service Chiefs the door in no distant time.

According to the source, some of the members of the National Assembly are of the view that the Service Chiefs have done well and should not be discarded just like that instead, their needs should be prioritized by the current administration to avoid excuses.

On the flip aide, the Service Chiefs have not performed up to expectation therefore should be shown the door to allow new blood who are going to properly interrogate the raging insecurity in the Country.

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