Activist, Ugbo decries welfare conditions of Nigerian workers

Activist, Ugbo decries welfare conditions of Nigerian workers


A Frontline activist and aspirant of the Gubernatorial Elections in the 2024 Edo State Elections, Ambassador Eghosa Curtis Igbo has sent a message of solidarity with the workers of Edo State and the rest of Nigerian workers as they join their counterparts in celebrating the International Workers Day.

Ambassador Eghosa Ugbo lamented the condition of the Nigerian worker whose rights to fair wages and due reward for labour has gone without due recompense in the Nigerian environment.

“There is hope, he said, as he under the Labour Party through which he aims to achieve his Gubernatorial ambitions in 2024.

“The Labour Party is a Workers Party, he affirmed. And therefore it would be his priority as a Governor to identify and encourage Edo State workers in the public and private sectors. “I will be a listening Governor, having myself laboured to earn my success on life”, Ugbo said.

He wished the Nigerian workers well and ended his prayers and wishes stating, “Edo State workers, nay, Nigerian workers, will never labour in vain”.

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