Benin monarch settles leadership crisis in Ekae Village

The Oba of Benin His Royal Majesty, Ewuare II, Oba of Benin, has settled the leadership crisis in Ekae Village, which cuts across part of Oredo and Ikpoba-Okha Local government Area of Edo State.

The crisis involves the Ohen (Priest) of Ereghezi (deity) N’ Ekae,
Benin, Igbonosun Imafidon and the Village head (Odionwere) of the Village, Mr Omoruyi Ogbahon as well as other aggrieved elders in the locality.

Chief Osaro Idah, the Obazelu of Benin who conveyed the resolution of the Committee, set up by the Oba to investigate and reconcile aggrieve parties in the crisis in Oba Palace, Benin City, where he warned any further violation of Palace directive would attract sanction.

After listening to the various submissions of the elders, Chief Idah said it’s uncontroverted fact that Ekae Village Priest, Igbonosa by virtue of his position as the Custodian of Ereghezi deity, remains the administrative head of the Village.

He reaffirmed the Palace position on the crisis, noting that it is unlawful for Mr Omoruyi Ogbahon, (Odionwere) who authorized to preside over meetings at elders Porch also known as Ogua-edion to either wilfully arrogate to himself or usurp the authority of the Priest who is the administrative head of the Village.

Chief Idah also directed the contentious elders in the Village, including Mr Amawu Igunma to obey all lawful orders of the Priest, Igbonosa who is superior to the Odionwere that presides over the Ogua-edion meeting, explained that the Priest reserves the right to appoint ‘Oka-Iroghae’ in place of Okaighele (youth Leader) that are appointed by Odionwere in other circumstances.

The palace Committee further directed that Elders Council meetings should be held at Ohen Ereghezi deity in place of Ekae Village Town Hall, irrespective of any encumbrance henceforth and cautioned the Priest against divisive tendencies in order to foster peace and development of the locality.

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