PVC sells for #1000 in Enugu

PVC sells for #1000 in Enugu


By Onah Onah 

Residents of Emene Community in Enugu State have raised alarm over the alleged manipulation and sale of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

A witness who pleaded anonymity claimed that that INEC officials now collects #1000 naira per PVC.

Another resident alleged that one of the female officials of INEC (name withheld) is hoarding their PVC with a pretext that their names and cards are not on her list.

“INEC official should come for our rescue in Emene primary school in Enugu East. Our PVC has been hijacked by this woman she kept them somewhere claiming our PVC is in the Local Government Secretariat. 

“For  you to collect your PVC, you must pay N1000 each, which she tagged as Transport fare. Pls, we need this video to get to the people concerned, the resident alleged.  

There has also been general perception on Enugu State that some political parties seem to have adopted other subterranean ways of diverting PVCs in their desperate bid to disenfranchise electorate, especially in densely populated areas in the State.

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