Assailants shoot youth leader in Edo

Assailants shoot youth leader in Edo


Assailants have reportedly shot the youth Leader (Okaighele) of Ehiozevbaru village in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State, Mr Stephen Emwinyogho.

Gunmen who were clad in branded Edo State Vigilante Network (VGN) vests atop motorcycles, reportedly ambushed and shot the youth leader while he was on his way home on Sunday afternoon.

Emwinyogho attacked in his car shortly after he left wash for his residence Idun-Iye village, near his family house when the incident occurred.

A family source said his gold colour Toyota Corolla car which was riddled with bullets, was also damaged as a result the attack.

The source said Emwinyogho began to sense danger when three armed men overtook his vehicle and stood at few metres away and rained bullets on him.

In the midst of the confusion, the youth leader, escaped by whiskers before hoodlums fled the scene in anticipation that he has has given up the ghost.

Reports from the locality revealed that Emwinyogho who survived the attack by whiskers, abandoned his vehicle and escaped, while residents around the vicinity, began to wail helplessly after the hoodlums fled to different directions.

One of his relatives, said police authorities have been duly notified about the unfortunate incident.

The source said, “My brother would have been dead by now if not for God who saved his life. He was going home on Sunday after he finished washing his car at a nearby car wash.

“As he was negotiating a bend, four boys with pump action guns on top of motorcycles passed him and stopped in his front.

“My brother who was in his vehicle said he didn’t knew that they were armed. He (Emwinyogho) thought they were waiting for somebody. As my brother was driving, suddenly, the boys who were all dressed in vigilante uniforms, opened fire on him.

“My brother got injured in the attack. The incident has been reported to police”, Emwinyogho brother who pleaded anonymity said.

But the Police image maker in Edo State, SP. Chidi Nwabuzor could not be reached for comments.

TheNewspad recalls that the fortunes of village, which is few kilometres from Benin City, changed since committed indigenes in the area launched anti-corruption campaign to liberate themselves from servitude.

Dependable sources said outlaws in connivance with retrogressive elements in the locality had threatened to destabilise Ehiozevbaru village over supremacy tussle.

It was learnt that by default, the village, which inherited a basketful of challenges, began to witness unprecedented development.

The provision of accessories for electricity transformer, the village, has brought electricity to the area, without any measure of government support over the years.

This is in addition to a borehole water supply, a functional market, and ongoing Community town hall project in the area through self help of the rural dwellers — mainly farmers are visible.

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