‘Hyping’, today’s in thing in show business

‘Hyping’, today’s in thing in show business


By Osaigbovo Lucky

There are so many routes to a breakthrough in life. And like the principle of the record ― bye pass have eventually becomes the real bye pass, for Martins Gideon Aturuemu better known as ‘Voltage of Hype’, who is also a fashion designer.

Very interestingly and creatively, he has merged both in a seamless fashion, so to speak, fashion and hyping in entertainment and today, he no longer look back on those dark days when his parents tried to discourage him in his talent and creative art of hyping.

Like everything else in life, it took the intervention of a guardian angel, D. J. Kaywise, when he wished he had started out before encountering him. Voltasgeofhype became more recognized and went viral after perform at DJ kaywise at ‘joor party’ online series.

Today, he is an explosion “doing his thing” as they say in show business. Martins plies his trade now on Campuses in tertiary institutions in Nigeria, amongst which are Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State Polytechnic, Usen, Edo State.
This new brand trade of “Warehouse of hype with Voltage”, took on 27th of April 2022. That is not to say that he is just stepping out with his skills in 2022.


It was a tentative start, some five years ago, whilst a student. As can expected, what started as a joke and a doubtful art form due to his consistency, began to be seen as a possibility as he excelled through sheer determination. His parents were his just doubters, as being graduates themselves, wanted to see their Ward as rising in life through learning and education.

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His inspiration came from Wizkid when he watched often on stage doing hyping instead of singing. It was a delightful style as he could see, the crowd was enthusiastic and fully under control in a surprising manner. He took the understudy seriously, and two years after, Martins became a recognisable name. What added to his popularity was his clothing and fashion style.

His early life began to pay off and the tills and box offices were swelling. Fashion, as they say, is good business. Martins found himself in the rare place.

But, it wasn’t all rosy, as a trip to Ghana to perform was not as rewarding as Martins began to overseas. This has made him to resolve to become mere circumspect in tidying performance contracts whether inside Nigeria or abroad. The lessons learnt would guide him as he embarks on European tours. To prove that he has learnt his lessons really, Gideon says his Rivers State tour as recent as August 10, 2022.

He is not alone in his tours, ABIC concept, Praise keys, DJ iceman, Thin boy, Hype MC Vee, Hype empress, Samba d comic, Genesis toothpick, Bongo J, MC Yannist, the Comic, Hype Empress, Emmy Black , Hype MC – V, Tim Boy, D. J Dabila, D. J ice-man, are all part of the swelling ensemble of the Voltageofhype traveling package.

What makes Martins as a big star?

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What makes Martins as a big star in the making is how he has developed his performance and hyping, according to Martins, unlike an MC who can perform or crack without any instrumentation at the background. His unique styling is designed to ensnare the audience in a mesmerising way that changes the atmosphere of the party. In addition, he is in hot demand every weekend at weddings, birthdays, and house warning occasions, as his art style is unique and adds value to every event in a way that an anchor or any MC cannot.

Hyping, he warns is not an easy Craft. One must first write a script and act it out before every performance. It is like learning the lyrics of a new song. Without tutorials, and patient learning, one cannot make a success of hyping. It is demanding as every occasion is unique and different. Therefore, a hype artiste must approach every event creatively. It is his artistry, that evokes party attendees to move like a spiral into the dancing floor. This he does with his choice words and contents.

This fun young talent, with a cross State background, Edo and Delta States, is now in a class of his own and has earned his wings as a Celebrity. He has not forgotten the first thrill of being a Celebrity when his sound went viral, globally, via Instagram in conjunction with D. J Kaywise. Take a seat and await “TheVoltageofhype” that will surge for your pleasure as from now on, Martins Gideon Aturuemu opens his ‘Warehouseofhype’.

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