2023: I will end injustice against Igbo race as President, says Wike

2023: I will end injustice against Igbo race as President, says Wike


Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) and governor of Rivers State has vowed to end to all forms of discrimination against ‘Igbo race’ if he is elected as Nigeria President in 2023.

He disclosed this while soliciting for support of Delegates of his party on Saturday in Abia State, South Eastern part of Nigeria.

“I say so with all amount of seriousness and I challenge anybody who is from the Southern part of Nigeria; who is from South-South, who is from South-East to say so boldly too. Check all of us, look and determine who can even defend the interest of Ndi Igbo better than me?

“It is not merely to talk. I mean who has the mind. Who has the courage. I have the mind and I have the courage. I will make sure the injustice in this country is being solved.

“Ask them, when they were in power, what did they do? How many of them have spoken out? Look, don’t waste your votes on such people”, Wike queried.

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