Obi gives conditions for PDP zoning

Obi gives conditions for PDP zoning


Dr. Peter Obi, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant for the 2023 general election says he would accept zoning of the ticket of the party if it is fair, equitable and inclusive.

The former governor of Anambra State said this while speaking with journalists in Benin City where he canvasses support from the party’s delegates to actualize his presidential ambition.

“For me, whatever arrangement you do, as long as it is fair, equitable, respect for every zone, show love and inclusive, I stand by it. I believe in inclusiveness” he said.

He said the insecurity economic and other crisis in the country today is the cumulative effect of the leadership failure over the years, noting that there is no Country in the world that go the way of Nigeria that would not have problems.

“We are in crisis situation and in that situation, I am appealing to you, let us change it by ensuring that our party bring out competent, credible Candidate with track-record and I have already proven that as two term governor of Anambra state”.

“2023 general election is not going to be as usual, we need to elect people with capacity, track-record and competency. We need to elect people who can make sacrifice and understand the difference of good governance”.

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According to him, the 2023 election is not about electing somebody from the south or north but electing somebody who has capacity.

“Today, we are in crisis, we live in a country where we wake up with sad news every day. And some people said, it is not happening in Edo or Lagos, Anambra but unless we do something, it will reach everywhere”.

“I have the capacity, track-record, and competency to lead Nigeria, I was a two term governor of Anambra state, I didn’t own gratuity, pensioners or contractors”

He said if elected he would energise the small and medium scale enterprise which is the heart of nation’s economy.

According to Obi, “it is a crisis situation that we all had to deal with. People are going to canvass your vote and give you money, but remember the future of your suffering children while voting and not the picture of collecting the money.

According to him Nigeria, a Country of 200 million population has more people living in poverty more than Indian and China combined.

He lamented that Nigeria is owing cumulative debt in naira is N55 trillion and in dollar about $125 billion without anything to show for it, adding that Nigeria now borrow to service debt and consumption instead of borrowing for production.

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He said the problem of the country is that we elect leaders who don’t know how to create wealth but relied on sharing the national cake and that now that it is not available they are sharing the the future of our children.

He however assured that if elected as president, he would not operates the office of the first lady as they were not elected together.

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