Protesters block Osinbajo’s convoy

Protesters block Osinbajo’s convoy


Some protesters on Tuesday morning reportedly blocked the convoy of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Abuja Metropolis.

But in a rare display of courage, Osinbajo, stopped his convoy and stepped down from his vehicle, trekked on the tarred road towards the youths and listened to their complaints and addressed them.

Spokesman of the group whose name could not be immediately verified, told Osinbajo, ‘sir very quickly, Abuja is the only place we farm. FCT people have taken over our land…We are giving it sacrificially…”.

Responding, the Vice president, appealed to the youths who lamented the activities of land grabbers, thereby denying them access to their farmland, to clam down and pursue their agitations through lawful means instead of resorting to self help.

TheNewspad reports that Osinbajo who was billed to attend a ground breaking Ceremony of a project in the locality, thereafter continued his journey.

Jacky Obinyan shared a short footage of the scene on Facebook on Tuesday, hailed the Vice president who was a accompanied by a retinue of aides and security operatives, for his concern and humility.

Editor’s Note: The featured photograph of Vice president Yemi Osinbajo test running made in Nigeria car, is used to illustrate this report.

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ALSO READ:  Osinbajo to represent Nigeria at Moi’s state funeral in Nairobi
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