Couple’s wedding photographs deleted over plate of food argument

Couple’s wedding photographs deleted over plate of food argument


Starving an event photographer, has its price now in Nigeria. This scenario played out last weekend outside the halls of residence of Auchi Polytechnic, Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State when a photographer reportedly deleted photographs he shot over a plate food and drinks argument between him and a newly-wed Couple.


A dilemma occurred after the photographer had snapped photos throughout the Ceremony and reception, he made effort to reach out to the pair to order caterers at the event to serve him and other guests food and drinks, but his request was rebuffed by the Couple (name withheld).

According to Jay Jay Mazeratti who prompted the conversation on social media, said the Couple paid the price for allege negligence, which has left them devastated

Mazeratti stated that the attention of the groom, a friend of the photographer was drawn to the incident when he requested for the photo album few days after the marriage festivity.

“The photographer deletes all photos after he was denied food at his friend’s wedding…”, he said.

One of the guests at the wedding Ceremony, Comrade Emmy Boo who confirmed the incident on Facebook, said other other marriage Couples in the area have started giving photographers hired to cover their social events, special attention to photographers after the unpleasant incident that happened recently.

He asked, “Do you know that couples now give photographers 2 two plates of food since a photographer deleted a couple’s photo and left the venue because he was not given food by the caterers?”.


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