IPOB ‘better off than Boko Haram’ – Ikpeazu make case for Kanu

IPOB ‘better off than Boko Haram’ – Ikpeazu make case for Kanu


The governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu has asked the Nigerian government to negotiate with Indigenous People of BIAFRA and other separatist groups in order to end hostilities and killings in South East region of the Country.

The Governor who said this during an interview with the SUN Newspaper, however admitted that it is criminal for group led by Nnamdi Kanu, to take up arms against a sovereign State.

He appealed to the Federal government to listen to the demands of the IPOB which he claimed was not as ‘bad’ as Boko Haram driven by religious ideology and bandits who attack abduct and kill both Civilians in worship Centres and security personnel in Northern Nigeria.

According to the Governor, “We must engage with IPOB. Yes, we must find a way to talk about the issues at stake. These people are not as bad as the ones in the North East or the North West, who go to schools and seize the whole population of teachers and students or invade the mosques and churches and kidnap all the worshippers and nobody can find them until ransom is paid”, he said.

He also revealed that some of the agitations of IPOB are legitimate

“I believe that there is some ideological sense in what these people in the South East are saying. There is something to listen to even though it is criminal to take up arms against the State.

“There is a message they are trying to pass in the process. We need confidence building among ourselves rather than use words that we should not use even as leaders.

“Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder but the solution is not too difficult to find”, he stressed.

Recall that Kanu who is currently facing terrorism charges and other related offences, had been arrested and brought back to Nigeria after four years on the run.


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