Group blows hot over ‘courtroom antics’ in youth leader’s murder


The Benin Solidarity Movement (BSN), social cultural group has protested against ‘courtroom antics’ by Edo State High Court that struck out a case of alleged murder of Mr. Suny Eitchie against one of the defendants, Isaiah Akpani.


Akpani, was named as one of the actors in the alleged murder of (Eichie), youth leader in Kokokolo Community, Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State along with 11 others including Mr. Johnson Atseleghe, traditional Prime minister (Iyasere) of Warri Kingdom in Delta State.

Akpani, was thereafter arraigned on a two-count charge of kidnapping and murder, arraigned and set free by the court in a suit marked: B/CD/1116M/2021, based its no case submission ruling by the court on the advice of Edo State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) few days ago.

In a protest march on Friday, General Secretary of the group, Esohe Adun, demanded that “the case should be revisited and given the right measure of judgment it deserved”.

She alleged that: “After committing the heinous crime, Isaiah Akpani took flight into hiding and was only arrested a year after.

“Upon his arrest, he (Akpani) openly confessed to the heinous crime under interrogation in a viral video clip… And to be left off the hook is a subtle aiding of criminality”.

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According to her, “It is very appealing and painful to hear that justice almost achieved is now been trampled upon by the people that are supposed to enhance and facilitate justice. Most of the alleged killers were apprehended and arraigned in court.

The cases have been on. Some of them had confessed with their own mouth that Atseleghe sent them. These same persons including one Isaiah Akpani have been set free to go home without trial.

Our question now is that what is the aim of this? Is it that they have decided to allow a travesty of justice.

“Are they now saying that they have been bought over by persons who has money exchanged hands between people who have money, wealth and connections to bring down this case? I cannot imagine that somebody who said with his own mouth that yes. I was sent to kill somebody.

“He (Isaiah Akpani) confessed to police and confessed in court, yet, they allowed that person to go home. That is why we have cried out. We have cried our once again because we do not want to take laws into our hands”.
“Is injustice now a norm in Nigeria?”, she quarried.

Widow of the youth leader, Mrs. Bridget Eitchie, said apart from the fact that life has not been rosy for her and his four Children after the death of her beloved husband, she is particularly worried that the actors who were charged to court, still walk freely in the street while she grief with the irreparable loss daily.

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“For the sake of my Children, I need justice. My four Children have been asking me, mummy when is our daddy coming back? And I have no answer.

“The case in court is taking time. Is it because we do not have money. Chief Johnson is moving around everywhere.

Our Correspondent reports that the protesters who marched across major streets including the Nigeria police headquarters and the Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ in Benin City, were armed with placards which inscriptions that depict their sad mood.


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ALSO READ:  Obaseki swears-in ex-speaker's wife, DPP, Chief Registrar, Director Multi-door court, four other judges
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