Covid-19: Edo govt not compelling hospital patients to get vaccinated

Covid-19: Edo govt not compelling hospital patients to get vaccinated


The Edo State government has stated that hospital patients will not be compelled to take vaccines against Covid-19 pandemic 24 hours after the government began the enforcement of ‘no vaccination card, no entry’ across government offices and public facilities in the State.

Dr. Osamwonyi Irowa, Permanent Secretary of the State ministry of Health said this while giving an update of Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday in Benin City where he hinted that the uptake level of Covid-19 vaccination in the State has increased within the past 24 hours.

He cautioned residents of the State to take necessary precautions in ensuring that public health issue is properly managed since the third wave of the pandemic began in July 2021.

Irowa said, “You don’t compel people when they come to hospitals to take vaccines. It is where you find the demand that is high that you move to. We have a very detailed implementation plans that we have observed and that determines where we go next.

“We are not compelling people to take the vaccine. But we are encouraging people to take precautions and prevent them from getting infected from further spreading the virus.

“We are trying to reduce the mortality alongside with the morbidity rates that we are experiencing from Covid-19 pandemic that is still currently affecting people in Nigeria among other Countries.

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He noted with nostalgia that before the State government Covid-19 enforcement teams were deployed to designated government facilities, “a significant number of Civil servants in the state did not actually take the vaccine”.

“But following the enforcement that we started, the turnout on the uptake of the vaccine has significantly increased, as much that those who are not Civil servants, many other persons are beginning to see the reality in this.

“This enforcement and measures that we are applying is not peculiar to Edo State alone. These are best practices to ensure that we minimize deaths and stop the pandemic as early as possible”, he said.

Earlier in a presentation, the State Case Management team lead on Covid-19, Dr. Osamwonyi Osagie revealed that three unvaccinated persons have died from Covid-19 related disease on Tuesday in the State.

Osamwonyi, explained that the deaths were listed in time because their results were not available.

He also said, 17 new cases were recorded from Rapid diagnostic test and 224 samples were come collected and 25 recoveries from home care cases in the past 24 hours across the Edo State.

“Three deaths were recorded. The deaths occurred on Tuesday. They were not listed initially because their results were not available.

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According to him, the victims include 73-year-old male. He had complications that were precipitated by pneumonia. He was unvaccinated.

He noted that the 56-year-old diabetic unvaccinated female patient while the third victim who was diagnosed with renal patient, died at the ISTH. He was a renal patient.

“Essentially in our surveillance pillar, we have been able to reach 1111 contacts of people that tested while 51 of them were asymptotic, with a total of 629 discharged cases and 482 persons are being followed up.

“Essentially for the past 24 hours, we did less than our target for sample collection, more than 25 percent less.

“We picked 17 new cases and three deaths and 25 recoveries”, he said.

Our Correspondent who monitored the compliance level of the enforcement of ‘no vaccination card, no entry’ across government offices and public facilities, reports that there was high level of turnout of the State government workers at the fixed posts and mobile vaccination centres in Benin Metropolis.

At the Edo Government house in Benin City, activities were at a skeletal level.

The Covid-19 fixed posts at the main entrance of Government House, security personnel dominated and Civil Servants queued up along with Civilians to get vaccinated on Thursday morning.

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The Central hospital complex recorded a large crowd of turn out of persons for the exercise while other fixed posts around the State Secretariat Building housing over five Ministries was a beehive of workers waiting to take Covid-19 jabs.


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