Edo govt warns unvaccinated teachers, workers, against spread of Covid-19

Edo govt warns unvaccinated  teachers, workers, against spread of Covid-19


The Edo State has issued a stern warning to teachers, baby minders and health workers, Civil servants and other residents of the State who are yet to be vaccinate themselves against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) under the radar of the 3rd wave of the disease.

Dr. Osamwonyi Irowa, Edo State Permanent Secretary, ministry of Health who handed down the warning at Edo Covid-19 Taskforce Press briefing on Thursday in Benin City, urged residents in the State to vaccinate and help to curb the spread of the pan denim.

Recall that Governor Godwin Obaseki had said that by mid-September 2021, enforce the directive on denial of access to large gatherings in public and private places including Banks, worship Centres in the State for persons who choose not to be inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccines.

According to Irowa, “…One thing that we want to share with everybody here is that people are still moving as if there is nothing and people are also not complying with Non-Pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) of preventing the disease.

“A decision has been reached for further enforcement. We are appealing to everyone to be law abiding and vaccinate.

“Health workers are not free from this challenge and we have been infected. The rules that will be enforced in Edo State will also apply to health workers and not just teachers and Civil servants.

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“Health workers who have not been vaccinated will not be allowed to treat other people in Edo State. So, if you are a health worker and you haven’t been vaccinated, you cannot treat another person because you infect your patients”, he said, any teacher that is still resisting may have to decide whether he wants to continue or remain at home”.

Earlier in a his presentation, Edo State Covid-19 Case Management, Dr. Ebomwonyi Osagie said three Covid-19 deaths have been recorded bringing the State mortality figure to 33, within the past 24 hours in the State.

Two female, 63 and 64 years female alongside 73-year-old male unvaccinated persons died on Wednesday from Covid-19 in Edo State, according to him.

Osagie stated that 34 out of the 37 persons who came down with the virus were treated at home because they had a mild symptoms of Covid-19

He explained that 1 female and 22 male had come down with Covid-19 virus, representing 33.3% and 66.7% since the third wave began in the State.

He also revealed that 93,000 persons have either be fully or partially vaccinated against the disease Edo State, representing 2 per cent of the population which is below 10 percent target of vaccination in 2021.

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The Edo State Covid-19 Case Manager, stated that there is no known cure yet for Covid-19, adding that the 2 percent vaccination coverage is a far below the ambitious target of 60 percent in the State.

On her part, World Health Organization Representative in the State, Mrs. Faith Ireye, appealed to residents of the State to vaccinate themselves against Covid-19 to herd immunity.

“The data that has been presented shows that we have a huge problem on our hands based on the number of deaths.

“More of our men are coming down and dying from Covid-19 pandemic. Let us take action and responsibility to protect ourselves”, she said.


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