Random thoughts: If there ever was a Country!!!

Random thoughts: If there ever was a Country!!!


A Comment From Tony Abolo

I enjoy expressing my idle thoughts about the Nigerian scene, whenever I have the luxury to escape the nagging and harrowing thinking and concern on the madness, silliness and the chicanery of misgovernance of Nigeria, which occurs at every moment, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. I no longer care. Nigeria could do what late Professor Claude Ake wrote about the Blackman… just disappear!!! Nigeria, as presently constituted and organized, can NEVER matter, can never be ANYTHING in another 200 years – if we hobble along the way it is now going. Oh, I was thinking gently and idly, I forgot.

When I take a tab of Nigerian news on how profligate we are, I cannot but come to the conclusion that Nigeria, Nigerian “leaders” and Nigerians are at a huge bazaar. Otherwise, how can these be what indeed you should read about for days on end between April and July 2021: –

  • MDA’s yet to remit N3trillion…. Senate.
  • SERAP writes Buhari, demands probe of N39.5 billion duplicated, strange projects in Minsters Amaechi, Lai Mohammed (who by the way openly says, has never told a lie in his life) and other Ministries.
  • Unremitted N165 billion from NPA under Hadiza Usman
  • EFCC recovers N1 billion from Fashola’s Permanent Secretary.
  • 4th May 2021…Ofunama Road project abandoned after N6 billion road project by NDDC.
  • Buhari’s APC government awards a Nigerien contract, to supply arms worth N206 billion and he has fled. He is wanted by the EFCC.
  • A Community Town Hall to cost N100m.
  • Tinubu, Buhari aides, Sylva in a $100 million bribe scandal for oil block signature bond.
  • National Identity: Nigeria wasted $2.5 billion in 45 years, says, Aladekomo, ThisDay April 19th, 2020
  • Reps Probe N43 billion Safe School Initiative – Tribune, 7th May 2021.
  • Reps probe reports on $348bn illicit financial flow, loss of public funds, Tribune, 7th May 2021.
  • SERAP writes Lawan and Gbajabiamila on fresh N4.1bn missing NASS FUNDS.
  • N50bn for NASS Renovation
  • N1.678trn 2021 budget for customs
  • N106bn missing in 149 MDAs – SERAP
  • N20,000 monthly stipend approved as partial stipend payment for 774,000 beneficiaries of special public works program – 2021 (By the way as at June 2021 not one has received any monies)
  • $153m, 80 properties recovered from Deziani.
  • N665.8 billion diverted illegally by the Accountant General of the Federation-Senate.

I would spare myself and you adding up all the above figure and concentrate on the substance of the story. Do all of what you have read add up to show us to ourselves, as a country of a people determined to succeed, by any stretch of imagination? Are we just a bunch of “crooks” and led by just plain thieves with an admixture of “thieving” subordinate accomplices? Clearly, development of any sort is impossible with all the funds meant for real development all gone into private pockets. How can willing individuals be driving for real wealth succeed, when ordinary folks are crowded out into the cold. What example are the so called “fake leaders” leaving for the youth? Any wonder Boko Haram, Banditry, Kidnaping, politicking and just plain stealing are the only profitable professions left to aspire to, in Nigeria – a country of bizarre bazaar, “kalu-kalu kleptomaniacs”.

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A Country with shifting interests and values that we are, Parliamentarians arose in their overfedmanner and proposed to scrap the NYSC scheme. Given the unending threat to lives and property, by herdsmen and bandits, the concern expressed may look genuine, but as deep unthinking as our leaderships reveal, instead of addressing root causes of criminality in the polity, scrapping one of the only viable symbols of national unity, that gives possible Nationwide experience, social networks to youths and a one year financial succor to the mainly would be jobless graduate, the legislative suggestion was ill thought out. To compound our woes, as a nation and reveal the discordant times in a “ruling party” and not a governing political party, the Executive, just to prove that the pseudo military is in power, raised an objection to the scrapping of the NYSC scheme.If there was a national working committee of the APC, and the party has a caucus, should the party not be the ones debating the scrapping or otherwise of the NYSC Scheme and advise appropriately? Our lives are planned in an adhoc manner and so arethe things that interests the legislature to make laws upon. It is in the same manner that the Buhari regime organizes to “decree”, as there is neither rule of law nor rhyme and reason for the now, in governance.

The stress and strain we seem to be going through in our international communication is enough reason for Nigerians, the thinking ones to make important assertions about. There is nothing national anymore about Nigeria. The supremacist agenda is in full throttle,in full steam!!!. When the South and Middle belt say, no open grazing, a voice or voices in the cabal and Fulani nation would scream that cattle grazing routes were permitted in the 1963 constitution, which is now extinct. While the South and Middle belt would insist on restructuring of the nation, the Cabal (now clearly Buhari after his Arise Tv Interview) and the Fulani nation would claim that negotiating the nation is unthinkable and is a coup by their enemies, in other words. When the South and a wider member of the youth rise up in protest against bad governance and police brutality in END SARS, Buhari says, it was a plan for a regime change and not genuine grievance expression. Anyone in the South and Middle Belt should clearly see that what is at play is no longer a national conversation about unity and progress (ironically that is what is on the non-existent nation’s, Nigeria’s Coat of Arms) and nation building, but a gradual takeover of our thought processes by the Fulanis who insist on their 16th, 17th Century Fulani Othman Dan Fodio thought processes as they insist that, that theirs must be the highway to be taken by everyone in Nigeria. Just as English language has uprooted some of our indigenous cultures and group think patterns, the resistance to a Nigeria Nation by the ethnic Fulani is another way to force a Fulani mode of thinking on what, for want of a better coinage, be called, Nigeria. There are no National agendas, nor conversations and nothing is anymore settled as Nigerians. It must be settled in the favor of the dominating ruling supremacists, who are found in the top echelon of security architecture and in key strategic Federal posts. Take any newspaper in Nigeria; it is about stories on politics, who takes over power in an election, 2023 political scenario, domineering and scheming political plots of the supremacist group. Nothing about discoveries, science, technology, medicine or artificial intelligence. The dominant news in six years is about RUGA, Grazing routes, and cows – all the major interests of the Fulanis. By the way, what is it about herdsmen, banditry, kidnapping all over the so called country Nigeria, if not about a people’s demographic change of immigration and settlement by a suspect group? What is more “Fulanisation” than that? Have you noticed that there are three sections of the so called country, Nigeria? There is the Fulani nation (who want no part of Nigeria, until the others are chased out) then there is the bulk of others up North, an admixture of other ethnic groups who are located in the North and then there is the South, who imagine a non-existent country, Nigeria. So where is Nigeria and who are the Nigerians?

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To quote Douglas Aniele, in his “Perspectives” Column in the Sunday Vanguard of July 18th 2021.

“Those conversant with Nigeria’s convoluted political history know that the obsession by northern leaders with One Nigeria and threat of armed conflict especially against southerners demanding for self-determination by leading members of the northern military-civilian establishment especially since after the Biafran war is a strategy by Fulani caliphate colonialists to dominate the rest of Nigeria politically. It follows that the earlier blackmail of secession is taqiyah, the Koran-approved method of gaining political advantage over the enemy through deceit or subterfuge. It was not motivated by the desire to end deliberate injustice and unfairness towards the region because right from 1914 the north was favored by the British and had benefited economically from the amalgamation. Besides, the lopsided manner Britain configured Nigeria geographical resulted in an unbalanced country with the bulk of the Nigerian space belonging to the north. Similarly the politically expedient but dubious indirect rule system applied by Lord Lugard and his cohorts further accentuated the imbalance, which eventually led to the grotesque concept of a monolithic political north which does not reflect the reality of different indigenous peoples that constitute northern region. As I hinted earlier, secession threat by the north was an effective weaponized bargaining tool as a prelude to establishing its dominance throughout the country”.[1]

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It is now then seen why in the fight for a homeland, that Sunday Igboho and Professor Adetoye are fighting for an Oduduwa Republic, while Nnamdi Kanu and their ESN and IPOB are wanting BIAFRA. Clearly there is no Nigeria as always dreamt of and wished for in our collective hearts; it was a geographical expression in Awolowo’s time, and it is referred now to, as a past noun and a lost dream, as long as the Supremacists are digging in and with their structures, all in place. Worse then, is the way they are dominating our thought processes, anxieties, fears and concerns – all through our thoughts which are now”Fulanised”. Our thoughts as a Nigerian community are being managed and driven by a Fulani thinking. Painfully, we in the other ethnic nations hardly discern the dominant pressures and thought trajectories!!!!

For the first time, at least in recent memory, an army was given a day off!!!. it happened in Nigeria, when to placate an army after the fatal air crash of former Army Chief of Staff, General Ibrahim Attahiru, President Buhari granted a day off to the military, an inconceivable imponderable!!!! A day off, for a military waging wars all over Nigeria – insurgency in the North East in the North West , Banditry, in the South West, suspected to be by “Fulani Militia Herdsmen” aimed at attackingIgbohothen and ordinary citizens in Ekiti and in the East, fighting Igbos and massively suspected to be ill-treating IPOB and ESN members in the name of fighting secessionists, to prevent them from leaving the arms hold of the Supremacists and in the South warding off possible oil pipe lines disruptions in order to prop up an overlording regime in Abuja? They are lucky, the opposition and insurgents do not have the capacity to move in on the Army’s day off!!!Commentators have called it, the first day of infamy in Nigeria.

A new Chief of Army Staff has been appointed; a choice Buhari says was based on years of training from his recent Arise Tv interview. In other words, General Ahanotu, an Igbo from Anambra State and another Igbo Officer who were reckoned from course 35 as the most seniors to be appointed, based, on the seniority system tradition in the Army, never had years of training, nor requisite skills and experience. In consequence, all course 35and 36 officers are demobilized to make way for the new course 37 man who is Buhari’s choice for an army chief of staff. In the words of an NGO, HURIWA, that choice decision shows, President General Buhari does not believe in one Nigeria. And why should I? “There was a Country”, Chinua Achebe.


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