Delta-bound passenger goes insane as govt rescues ‘abandoned child’

Delta-bound passenger goes insane as govt rescues ‘abandoned child’


There was pandemonium on Saturday at the King square in Benin City after a mentally disturbed Delta-bound female passenger reportedly went insane in Benin City, Edo State.


The unidentified woman believed to be in her 30’s, break loose and abandoned her male Child with her load in front of Bob Izua motor park at the King square in the State Capital.

Shocked bystanders and other commuters, traders as well as phone dealers around the locality gaze with bewilderment.

But two concerned Nigerians, Leftist Aimuae-Osa Igbinomwanhia and Leftist Dickson John whi are both members of Edo Civil society Organization, EDOCSOs who alerted Edo State Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues.

Investigation revealed that the abandoned Child and mother have been taken to a care given facility for immediate attention by a dogged official of the ministry of women affairs led by Mr. McDonald.

Igbinomwanhia shared the photograph of the child on Facebook and appealed to the State “Ministry of women affairs to sworn into action to prevent this from been missing”.

He announced that “This young child in front of Bob Izua motors @Oba market road, mother just got insane and the little child left to his own faith, the mother is currently roving in the street now”.

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Our Correspondent could not immediately verify if the family of the middle-aged woman has been contacted.


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