Holy Aruosa church reacts to killing of animals during worship

Holy Aruosa church reacts to killing of animals during worship


Holy Aruosa Cathedral says streaming its services and worship Live for the world to see, has cleared the myth surrounding the mode of worship at the Cathedral — Benin National church located on Akpakpava road in Benin City, Edo State Capital.

Ohen-Osa Igbinoghodua Edebiri, presiding Priest who disclosed this recently at the Cathedral, which is oldest in West Africa, founded in 1849 by Oba Esigie, said the church is not a slaughter slab for animals as purported by certain individuals who do not understand Benin tradition and culture, but a place where worship is offered to God Almighty.

According to the Cleric who spoke in Edo Language, said: “Wherever you are, we worshippers at the Holy Aruosa, you can view our worship Live. A lot of things have been said about this church. Some people day we slaughter animals in this indiscriminately. They said we slaughter goats and fowl to worship in this church. This is not true. That is why we now stream of worship Live.

Speaking on the topic: “Work in order to enjoy the blessings of God”, the Priest tasked worshippers to embrace heard work in order to live a pleasurable life.

“Anyone who d not work and want to enjoy the blessings of God, is a thief including those who did not sow yet want to reap from where they did not sow.

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“Even robbery which is crime and sin in the sight of God, is a difficult. Robbers still put in a lot of effort before they can succeed in their evil enterprise.

“The burglar who wakes up at night and arm himself with a machete and axe to another man’s house when everyone is already asleep and resting, stands the risk of being killed because the owner of the property who most times is also watchful of intruders especially during this period when most private owners use iron bars to construct their doors in some parts of Nigeria and beyond”

“Robbers still put in effort to achieve their aim. Anyone who do not work cannot enjoy the full benefits of life”, he said.

The presiding Priest at the Cathedral, also charge believers and unbelievers especially the youths in God, to channel their strength into productive and legal ventures that could make them not only useful to themselves, but towards a peaceful society.


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