I warned Nigerians against ‘this evil government’– Oyedepo blows hot

I warned Nigerians against ‘this evil government’– Oyedepo blows hot


The Bishop of Living Faith Church also known as Winners Church, David Oyedepo says he warned Nigerians against doomsday, prior to the 2015 general elections, which brought Muhammadu Buhari to power as President of Nigeria.

The Cleric said, yet, some individuals were upset by his prophecy then until reality done on them that the nation is indeed on the path of perfidy.

Oyedepo said this on Sunday during a sermon at the church’s headquarters, Canaanland, Ota in Ogun State, which was monitored by TheNewspad.com

The Bishop said: “I am privileged to be among the few God shows things long before they happen.

“Some fellows were upset with me when I was talking against this evil government.

“I told this Nation, you are heading for trouble: 2015. Are they in trouble or in turbulence? Turbulence.

“I saw the wickedness of the wicked being forced on the land. Now no direction, no motion.

“When a Prophet speaks, he speaks the heart of God”, he said.

Last week, Oyedepo, urged members of the church to be wary of who they associate with as it can make or mar their destiny.

”People who scorn your God can’t add value to your life. There are people you must delete from your list of contacts. Delete them!”, he said.

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