Army ex-general predicts Nigeria’s disintegration

Army ex-general predicts Nigeria’s disintegration


General Idada Ikponmwen (Rted) says if the current political arrangement in Nigeria continues, the nation will disintegrate either through an organised system or a rebellious movement.


The retired Provost Marshall in the Nigerian Army disclosed this when he featured on Independent Television/Radio Politics Today” programme monitored by

He therefore urge governments at all levels to address the reasons for the general resentment and genuine grievances that fuel agitations in Nigeria instead of wishing them away with a magic wand.

The legal luminary, listed others issues as restructuring, leadership crisis, nepotism, human Rights violation, insecurity, and good governance.

Ikponmwen also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore those who hold the opinion that the core issues fuelling agitations are unjustifiable and be cautious in handling the clampdown on secessionists groups.

According to him, “The political arrangement into his Country now if it does not change, there is no way this Country can remain one. There is no way. It is therefore ill-advice for anybody today that there is nothing to restructure. There are a lot to restructure.

“The government must champion restructuring and must be seen to be championing it to bring about the necessary changes. If the government doesn’t do it, the people you call miscreants and thugs will takeover. That is the different between rebellion and an organised system. We do not want rebellion to takeover. So, the right thing must be done.

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“I insist, governments have a lot to do with the grievances of the people or convince them that the grievances that they have are not genuine. I think that it is not to defend or be aggressive to government. This Country requires some fundamental changes.

“The real thing is that there must be agitation and the government must address them. Is our government at the Central level addressing these core issues? If you look at the resentment across the Country now, you will agree with me that there is need for governments to identify the core issues and work on how to resolve it properly.

“Government must recognise our laws, international laws and acknowledge that they have a duty to uphold them. Individuals and groups must also be conscious of the fact that they ought to be law abiding and follow the laws because we (Nigerians) will be the decider of who is right and who is wrong in the end.

“The truth remains that today, Nigeria is like a Country without government. Nigeria is like a Country where the rule of law means nothing.

“Nigeria is like a Country where everything seems to be wrong. Nigeria is like a Country
where the leadership does not know what to do either by virtue of their knowledge or the level of people that surround them or any other reasons.

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“When we are discussing at a forum like this and say that there is no government. We are speaking rhetorically and speaking in parables. We are not saying that the APC government is not there or PDP government in Edo State is not there.

“But we are looking at issues scientifically because Philosophers say that there is no government unless it gives the people what they require and meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

“In saying this, we are challenging the system to do more”, Ikponmwen explained.


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