(Updated)15 drivers undergo mental test for traffic offences in Edo

(Updated)15 drivers undergo mental test for traffic offences in Edo


15 drivers have been referred to the Federal Psychiatric hospital, Uselu, Benin City to ascertain their mental health status.

The Managing Director of the Agency, Mr. Dennis Oloriegbe who disclosed this while fielding questions from newsmen in Benin City, Edo State.

He however did not give the names of traffic violators who were arrested by the Agency.

In April this year with the Management EDTMA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to refer some road traffic offenders to the health facility for mental check.

Oloriegbe said the drivers were referred to the Federal Neuro Psychiatric hospital, Uselu in Benin City, Edo State by EDTMA.

According to him, one of the traffic violators, tested positive while results of 14 others tested negative.

“We once had training for them (drivers). But we have discovered that people still violate road traffic laws. Now, we have added psychiatric test.

“We went to the Federal Neuro Psychic hospital and signed MoU with the management which makes it possible for us to send people to them for mental health test.

“Right now, over 15 people have brought their results. We have not really had bad cases from them. The closest one was somebody who had a matrimonial problem which led to depression which made him to commit a traffic offence. We doing all these things to check abuse”, he said.

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