Experts check discrepancies in anatomy, diagnostic analysis

Experts check discrepancies in anatomy, diagnostic analysis


Nigerian medical experts have offered Clinical direction on how to handle discrepancies associated with anatomy and diagnostic data analysis in Ultrasonography — a procedure that uses high-energy sound waves to look at tissues and organs inside the body.


This thought line was invoked at the
presentation of first indigenous textbook on Radiology medicine practice in Nigeria.

The books titled: ‘St. Bridget X-ray Radiological Cases Atlas with Clinical Direction’ and ‘Aids Tomedical Sonology Techniques: the St Bridget’s X-ray Centre Experience’, co-authored by Dr. Sam Enukegwu and reviewed by Dr. Amaka Ebubedike, Dr. Benko-Coker and Prof. Monu Johnny.

Speaking on the academic feat, Dr Sam Enukegwu, a Radiologist and Consultant, listed the hostile environment as one of the factors that discourage practitioners, lack of equipment, poor remuneration, lack of logistics support to work with in most Centres.

He attributed two main reasons for discrepancies in anatomy and diagnostic data analysis. They include differences in equipment use by Radiologists across different Centres in Nigeria, differences in the level of skills, expertise and training of the operators, hovering around 30 per cent in Nigeria.


“There are two reasons for that. First. The equipment Radiologists use differ from Centre to Centre. Besides, the level of skills and training of the operators also differ from one another. That is one of the reasons why this book was written to give them better guidelines and education about what they need to do because when you go to Radiological Centres, most times patients waste their money because of lack of training by portioners. So, if they are properly trained, if you do a scan in one Radiological Centre, take it to hospital, they treat you.

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According to the Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons, Radiology Faculty, “Most Radiologists are handicapped. So, if you are a Radiologist and you have no equipment to work with, there is little that you can do. So, you must have electricity and the right equipment to work.

“Over the years, I have observed that we have a lot of cases that we need to document. The books that read are written by foreigners and most times for white diseases.
So, we needed to document Nigerian cases in a book format so that people can read and learn from it.

“It is becoming more important now because we have dearth of Radiologists in Nigeria. They are all going abroad because of the economy and the workplace (the environment) in Nigeria.

“We need this kind of intervention to encourage younger Radiologist who want to remain in Nigeria so that they can work better with more images to guide them in their work.

“For Radiology in Nigeria, to my knowledge, this is the first Radiology textbooks that were Authored in Nigeria”, he said.

He however advised experts in the profession to take up the gauntlet and work for humanity as if the government doesn’t care about their welfare.

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“Like some of us are doing. You have to work without expecting any support from the government like some of us are doing. Do what you can to save your fellow Nigerians. Many of us had offers abroad, but we chose not to go.

“We must believe that our duty first of all is to the Nigerian people because the government trained as first”, he said.

Reviewing the book – ‘St. Bridget X-ray Radiological Cases Atlas with Clinical Direction,’ Prof. Eze said the book is basically on the authors’ personal experiences and practices and not just what they got from the internet.

While describing the book of a very high qualities and standard, Prof. Eze stated that 99 per cent of images and patience discussed in the book are all from St Bridget’s X-ray (Radiodiagnostic) Centre and not from foreign land.

According to him, the book is going to add value not to radiology medicine alone but to the entire environment – individual and the society at large.

Describing St Bridget as a private sector that is result oriented, he said St. Bridget X-ray was amongst the first to have ultra sound machine in the country and first to input images in ultrasound result.

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During the review on ‘Aids Tomedical Sonology Techniques: The St Bridget’s X-ray Centre Experience,’ Dr. Ebubedike, described the book as original work of the author.

On his part, Professor of Orthopaedic, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Alfred Ogbemudia, lauded the contributions of the authors to the body of knowledge.

He described the academic works as a reference books that will be useful to doctors and medical students.


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