Buhari: I am ready to lay down my life for Nigeria

Buhari: I am ready to lay down my life for Nigeria


President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that he is determined to lay down his life in order to secure Nigeria since he joined the Nigerian Army where he served and retired.

He admitted however that poverty and unemployment as a twin underlying drivers of insecurity in the Country, adding that steps have been taken towards addressing them through various interventions in critical sectors.

The President said this in a nationwide broadcast on Saturday morning to mark this year’s democracy Day Celebration.

He revealed that he remains irrevocably committed to upholding and defending Nigeria’s cooperate existence.

“In the last two years, we have witnessed and overcome a good number of testing challenges that have destroyed other nations especially relating to our nation’s security”, he said.

He also noted that he is not unmindful of the reasons why Nigerians yearn of the reasons why Nigerians elected him in 2015, that is to put an end to growing insecurity and insurgency.

He lamented that there are unintended consequences of scattering the criminal elements in the north Eastern part of Nigeria, pushed them farther in the Country, with the misguided believe with the adherence to the democratic norms handicapped his administration from tackling them frontally and successfully.

He further said: “We are already addressing this obstacles and we will soon bring some of these Countries to justice.

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“Let me assure you my fellow citizens that every incident however minor will be treated with great worry and concern.

Buhari promised to put an end to insecurity by the grace of God in Nigeria, adding that security agencies have been provided with all they require within available resources.

According to him, “As the dynamics unfolds, nothing will be left to chance in putting an end to the security concern.

“Overcoming the present security challenges is but one of the necessary efforts that we have to undergo as a nation so that we can come out stronger”, he said.


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